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Casino Line, The
this was one of the primary passenger conveyor tubes that moved people about the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It bisected the Westrex district of the city, linking all the major casinos and hotels to the Port Line, which provided access to Efavan Port.

Castle, The
this huge, rocky tor was located on the planet Dorvalla, in the Videnda Sector, and was part of the holdings of the Lommite Limited mining corporation shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The Castle was the site of one of LL's largest mines, and was distinguished by the towers of stone which dominated its western and southern faces. The Castle was destroyed by InterGalactic Ores shortly before the Battle of Naboo, in its continuing effort to drive LL out of business. IGO managed to acquire the access codes to the guidance droids on LL's ore shuttles, and caused two of them to crash into The Castle, setting off a chain of devastating explosions.

Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy
this reference work was commissioned by Darth Vader, and was written in two editions by Obo Rin.

Catching the Wind
this phrase, used on the planet Sevarcos, was used to describe the euphoric sensation experienced when an offworlder first takes a breath of the spice-laden air of the open desert.

one of the Corellian orphans rescued from Ylesia by Han Solo and Chewbacca, she was a young teenager.

Cathedral of Shade
this is the name given to the various temples and ruins used by the Kluuzot, deep in the Black Jungle of Krann.

Cathedral of Winds
a tall, ethereal castle on Vortex, the Cathedral was made of thin crystal and built so that the rising hurricane winds would whistle through thousands of holes, creating a musical experience called the Concert of the Winds. It was nearly destroyed when Ackbar's sabotaged shuttle crashed into it, killing 358 Vors in the collapse. The New Republic helped the Vors rebuild it.

Cather Taan's Gun Shop
this establishment, located in Storrd Township on the planet Seregar, was known for its high-quality arms.

this Imperial Governor controlled Demnadi, but was unable to put a stop to the rebellious activity of the planet's underground. He called for assistance in quelling a riot, but only got Major Fenris Sarhl to respond.

Cauldron, The
this huge, natural crater served as the location for the largest of the gladiator pits used by the Rattataki warlords to stage their Blood Sports. Considered a place of neutral ground among the various tribes, the Cauldron became the site of the most prestigious of all gladiator events. It was here that Asajj Ventress defeated all her opoonents and won the attention of Count Dooku, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis.

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