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this Imperial Governor served as the leader of Bissillirus System during the early years of the Galactic Civil War, and was later promoted to governor of the planet Ruten in the years following the Battle of Endor. He was responsible for keeping the population docile while readying the planet for the contstruction of a new base. In his personal time, Bursthed maintained an elaborate collection of exotic pets, a hobby that was started when his courtiers gave him a miniature dewback after attending the annual Ruten Pet Show.

Butcher of Krant, The
see Yittreas.

By The Banks of the Warm, Pink Z'gag
this was one of the songs Skynx sang to Han Solo, Chewie, Alexsandr Badure, and Hasti Troujow on the planet Dellalt, during their search for the Queen of Ranroon. On Ruuria, the song was played at cocoon-weaving time to soothe the Ruurian larvae who were entering their pupal stage. It also served as a welcoming song to those Ruurians who, at the same time, were about to shed their cocoons and become chroma-wing fliers.

By The Galaxy Itself
this was another expletive used by Lando Calrissian.

Cabal, The
this group was formed by the dreamer and prophet Deamos Na-Coth to search the outermost reaches of the galaxy for the legendary planet Exo. The used huge colony ships to travel across space at a time when hyperspace travel was still dangerous, and many colony ships were lost because of pirates, ion storms, mutinies, and hyperdrive malfunctions. One of the Cabal's ships, the Exocros Cabal, discovered the planet Exocron.

Cabal, The
this pro-Imperial faction rose to power in the wake of the Battle of Endor. It was opposed by the Imperial Council chaired by Sate Pestage and commanded by Ysanne Isard. Much of the Cabal had holdings on Brentaal IV, which was why Isard and Pestage tried to draw Rogue Squadron to the world. They hoped to "rescue" the Cabal and its holdings, thereby proving that the Cabal was unable to control its own holdings, not to mention an entire Empire. Isard retained Lon Isoto in the position of control, to guard the moon against attack from the New Republic, knowing that he was favored by the Cabal but largely ineffectual.

Camalon, Rathe
this young baron of Tapani Sector's House Cadriaan was the son of a Freeworlds native who bought his way into the nobility. Rathe hated the fact that his father's common birth excluded him from many of the gathering of the nonle Houses, but held no animosity toward his father. Instead, Rathe directed his anger at those "soft" individuals who simply inherited their power, instead of working for ti.

Capens, Thera
this woman, a native of Hargeeva, claimed to have been Niall Pedrin's mistress. She was captured by Stevan Makintay when he managed to apprehend Pedrin on Hargeeva, just after Pedrin was demoted.

Captain of the Guard
this was the title given to the leader of the Senate Guards, during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Carving the Republic: The Real Story of Count Dooku
this book, written by Andevor Javin, was one of the five most popular pieces of literature during the year leading up to the Clone Wars.

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