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Vigil, The
this was the name given to the ceremony formed by the A'Mar of the moon of Lamus, in which they remembered their first encounter with the Wellspring and the thirty-year occurance of the sunless day. The original A'Mar discovered the Wellspring on the eve of the sunless day, but were afraid to drink from it. When the sun failed to rise the next morning, their apprehension only grew. At the same time, so did their thirst. After watching the coronal ring of fire move across the sky was the moon and planet matched orbits, the A'Mar finally gave into their thirst and drank from the spring. They were immediately revitalized, and the next morning saw the sun rise again. The A'Mar were not supersititious, and understood something of the celestial mechanics behind the sunless day. However, they never forgot their initial fear, and established The Vigil to ensure that the waters of the Wellspring would continue to flow. Once every thirty years during The Vigil, one A'Mar who had never drunk from the Wellspring was required to spend a day and a night at the Wellspring without taking a single drink. When the coronal ring of fire passed across the sky and set, the A'Mar could then drink from the Wellspring, thereby ensuring that the sun would rise again. During the Galactic Civil War, the sunless day occurred at a time when only one A'Mar child had never taken a drink from the Wellspring.

Virtues of King Han Solo, The
a song written by C-3PO, to help Han Solo convince Leia Organa that he was a worthy choice for a husband.

Visitors, The
this was the Chiss term used to describe the first beings from outside the Unknown Regions to visit the Chiss, many years before the loss of the Outbound Flight Project. The Visitors brought the Basic language to the Chiss, although few decided to learn it.

Void, The
this is the Charon term used to describe the final reality of their universe. The Charon homeworld and its sun were sucked into a black hole, which served as a model for the Void. The Void, in the Charon belief system, is the way of the universe. All life is eventually consumed by the Void, although the Charon know that they were born from the Void. It calls them to return, but chose them to first rid the galaxy of other life. Life, in the Charon belief, refused to acknowledge the Void, and was deemed unnatural. It was believed that the Final Prophet would emerge to take the Charon on their final mission, eliminating all other life before delivering the Charon to the Void.

Void, The
this Dark Side pool of energy is accessible at the Valley of the Souls.

Voorg the Thandicant
this was one of the Outer Rim's most notorious slavers. Voorg worked from a base in the Kala'uun Starport on Ryloth, where he controlled much of the slave trade passing through the facility. Despite his less-than-reputable businesses, the Twi'leks of Kala'uun considered selling slaves to any being but Voorg to be smuggling, and often punished others who dealt in Twi'leki slaves by freeing the slaves and imprisoning the smugglers.

Vop the Usurer
this greasy Rodian tyrant was known for his grating style and the constant odor of cheap raava which surrounded him. He was completely unaware that his main rival, the Bimm named Ritinki, had murdered his primary accountant Lyle Lippstroot and replaced him with a duplicate. Both crimelords had planned to meet aboard the Song of the Clouds to discuss an alliance, but Ritinki learned that Vop was going to purchase a sealed lockbox from the Ithorians. The lockbox held a Gun of Command, and was desired by virtually every crimelord in the Outer Rim. Ritinki had Lippstroot killed in an effort to acquire the lockbox for himself. Then, in the midst of their meeting, Vop was shot in the back and killed when a firefight broke out.

Vornest Dep-thesel Digarsarg
this ancient Balinaka artist lived thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin. He was considered the first Balinaka to incorporate colored pumice and small fragments of gemstones into his ice sculptures. These unique sculptures soon became known as Garnib Crystals.

Voyages of the VSD Protector, The
this series of holovids followed the crew of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector on its adventures through the galaxy. Approved by the Imperial Security Bureau, this serial portrayed the ship's crew as they battled against a legendary slivilith.

this creature was a medium-sized alien that inhabited the depths of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport. These grey-skinned predators resembled primates in their four-legged posture. They were generally smooth-skinned, with tufts of hair at their shoulders and haunches. Their short, thick tails were used to enhance their balance, and their wide feet and sharp claws provided plenty of stability. They were known to be carnivores that would attack and kill a sentient being, although packs of vrblthers would attack any living creature they could find when hungry. It was believed that vrblthers evolved on the planet of Varl, although no direct evidence ever proved this.

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