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Valley of the Floating Trees
this unusual valley was found on the Forest Moon of Endor.

Valley of the Giant Oysters
located in the oceans of Calamari, this valley has been the home for Calamari's huge oysters for millions of years. Could this be the Calamarian Knowledge Banks?

Valley of the Jedi
located on the planet Ruusan, this valley was believed to have been an ancient, hidden, Jedi burial ground whose existence was considered a mere legend until Morgan Katarn discovered its exact location. In reality, the Valley was located near the site of the decisive struggle in the Battle of Ruusan, in which Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood and Darkness unleashed a thought bomb on Lord Hoth and the Army of Light. In the wake of the battle, Jedi Knight Johun Othone established a memorial to the fallen Jedi, naming it the Valley of the Jedi. Wondrous statues and a huge mausoleum were erected in the valley to honor the forces of Lord Hoth. The stone used to create these memorials came from hundreds of planets, symbolizing the diversity of Lord Hoth's forces. At one end of the Valley, Othone placed a huge Adegan crystal in a special chamber, as a place where Jedi Knights could meditate on their place in the galaxy. However, over the centuries, interest in the Battle of Ruusan faded, and the Jedi Council - which had prohibited the construction of the memorial in the first place - chose to forget about Ruusan entirely. Thus, the Valley of the Jedi disappeared from the public consciousness. The natives of Ruusan, an unusual race known only as the Bouncers, believed that the spirits trapped in the Valley would only be set free when a Knight arrived to upset the natural balance. The Jedi Knight Qu Rahn tried to keep the Valley's location a secret until he could secure it, but the Dark Jedi Jerec murdered Rahn and Morgan Katarn in order to discover its location and use it for himself. Kyle Katarn, Morgan's son, successfully defeated Jerec and his Dark Jedi in the Valley itself, preventing them from abusing the Valley's power. Kyle shared the secret of the Valley's location with only one other individual, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, so that the site could be investigated by the Jedi and not misused by their enemies.

Valley of the Souls
see Valley of the Jedi

Valley of the Spirits
this was one of the many Tusken Raider settlements found on the planet Tatooine. The clan which lived in this valley was responsible for the capture of Shmi Skywalker, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately, the clan was slaughtered by Anakin Skywalker, when he returned to Tatooine and witnessed his mother's death. For decades afterward, the Sandpeople avoided the valley and the remains of the settlement, fearing that the avenging "ghost" of Anakin would slay them, too. Ritual sacrifices, often captured moisture farmers, were made to appease the "ghost", to ensure that it wouldn't return to terrorize other settlements. Shortly after the marriage of Han Solo and Leia Organa, they were forced to travel to Tatooine to recover the Killik Twilight moss-painting, and had to rescue Kitster Banai before he could be the latest sacrifice.
(SWI62, TG)

Valley of the Wind
this smooth-floored gulley is located near Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. It is also known as the Teeth of Tatooine, for Jabba used it as a torture and punishment.

Vandron, Theala
the Lady of House Vandron, she was the superior Senex Lady due to her house's age and vastness. A native of Karfeddion, she was a heavy-set woman in her mid-forties. She, along with many other Senex Houses, fell into Roganda Ismaren's plot to recover the Eye of Palpatine.

Variety Theater
located in Roaring Crater, on the planet Tasariq, this entertainment facility was a restaurant during the day. At night, it showed holo-movies and sometimes had live entertainment.

Veil, The
this cloud of molecular gases was located just Coreward of the boundary between the Mid Rim and the Expansion Region.

Vigil, The
this secret organization was created during the New Order in the Mestra System, and was formed to fight the Minos-Mestra Corporation's poor treatment of its working class miners and retirees. While the executives of the corporation lived in opulence on Shesharile 5, they provided next to nothing for pensions or benefits.

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