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Broken Trees, The
this group of scattered islands was located on the planet Veron, between the continents of Ablor and Vusi. The Gazaran people native to Veron believe the islands to be the remains of an ancient civiliation, possibly the first Gazaran to create their own society. Legend says that a huge storm swept waves of water over the lands, destroying the civilization and scattering the Gazaran to other continents.

Broken Tusk, The
this disreputable establishment, located on the polluted world of Reuss VII, was considered by many to be the most vile place in the galaxy. Owned and operated by the Gamorrean brothers Greel and Gorge, The Broken Tusk was formed from the hull of their stolen starship, the Tolan's Tusk. Greel wanted to name the place "Greel's Good Place to Have Drink and Eat and the Get Into Fights," but Gorge got lost after 'drink,' so Greel named the place after the broken tusk Gorge suffered in the crash of the Tolan's Tusk. At the heart of The Broken Tusk was the Dool Arena, where the brothers staged personal combats between professional and amatuer fighters from across the Outer Rim. The battles were vicious, but more often ended in surrender than death. This was Greel's idea, and over time established a roster of "good" guys and "bad" guys that kept patrons coming back for more.

Brother Fivelines
this huge droid was once the ruler of the planet Ronyards. Like the other droids there, he had been sent to Ronyards to be scrapped. However, the planet-wide construct of various droid parts kept him active. He became a believer that the planet was the Body of the Living God, and felt that it would protect him in any situation. When C-3PO and R2-D2 travel to Ronyards to warn the droids of an impending Imperial meltdown of the droids there, Fivelines falls back on the belief that the planet will protect the droids. However, the Imperials cared little for Ronyards, and sent gougers to melt the droids down. Fivelines was destroyed in the Imperial invasion, but this set off a mysterious storm of droid shrapnel from the planet-wide droid construct. This storm decimated the Imperial forces, saving the remaining droids.

Brother Kranch
this is one of the scrapped droids sent to Ronyards. Kranch was kept active, and became a follower of the Body of the Living God.

Brother Nicos Fate
this elderly X'Ting was one of the longest-tenured members of the Desert Wind terrorist group, having survived with the band for more than twenty years before the onset of the Clone Wars. He was the decendant of a noted clan of healers, and made use of his own healing skills with the Desert Wind for many years. Under Thak Val Zsing' leadership, Brother Fate was often the individual who tested a new recruit's loyalty and desire to join the terrorists. He was in charge of maintaining the basket of dashta eels - known as The Guides - for testing new members. Brother Fate was among the many Cestians who settled in the Zantay Hills, where fertile land was abundant. After Desert Wind was infiltrated by JK-series combat droids, he took as many refugees as he could and fled to the Zantay area, where he hoped the terrorists could regroup. At Zantay, Brother Fate did what he could to help heal the wounds sustained by the ARC trooper known as Jangotat in the raid, but had to leave much of the healing up to Jangotat himself.

Brother of the Air
this was the term used by a Nediji to describe another member of his species.

Brother Sky
this was the name, used by the Ewoks of Endor's forest moon, to describe the powerful being that controlled the skies.

Brotherhood Mortalis
this mercenary organization was founded some twenty-five years before the Battle of Yavin, and was believed to have had membership numbering well over 20,000 members spread across more than 100 worlds. What made the Brotherhood Mortalis unique was their simple set of rules and and guiding principles. Among these principles was the requirement that any Brotherhood member, who encountered another wounded member who identified himself, had to administer or provide medical treatment to the wounded member. Despite its simplicity, this rule helped ensure that Brotherhood members stayed on to fight harder, a trait that made them valuable to their employers.

Brotherhood of Darkness
this band of twenty thousand Sith warriors followed Lord Kaan into battle, in an effort to subjugate the galaxy in the name of the Sith. In the final battle for Ruusan, the Sith unleashed a thought bomb, which obliterated every member of the Brotherhood except Darth Bane.

Brotherhood of Independent Scouts
this was the primary form of guild recognized by the New Republic, for the membership to independent scouts and explorers.

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