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Twelve, The
this is the Yevethan term for the original twelve Duskhan League worlds. They include N'zoth, Faz, Tizon, Z'fell, Wakiza, and Zhina.

Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy
this was the term developed during the height of the Old Republic to indicate the twenty most amazing, non-natural creations found within the galaxy's boundaries. Among the Twenty Wonders was the area of the planet Makem Te known as The Tract.

Twins, The
a name given to the planets Talus and Tralus, in the Corellian System. They orbit a common center of mass, centered on Centerpoint Station, as well as orbiting the star Corell.

Twins, The
this was the name of a pair of jagged peaks located within the Hanto Mountains, on the moon of Sulon.

Tyl the Deplorable
this ancient Trunsk was known to have been a military genius, and was the first leader to conquer the entire planet of Trunska. Tyl then turned his army into a police force, and suddenly discovered that the funds which were going into the planetary wars waged by the Trunsks were quite substantial. Tyl began saving them, and eventually developed plans to foster the creation of new technologies.

Typtus of the Thirty-Third Egg
see Typtus the First

Typtus the First
this elderly Geonosian was the leader of the Gehenbar Hive during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was rumored that Typtus had begun stockpiling explosives in an effort to destroy the catacombs of the Stalgasin Hive, and these rumors set of an intense civil war that raged for many months. He was also known as Typtus of the Thirty-Third Egg, since he traced his history back to the exact egg in his creche. This was a fortuitous number, believed to be lucky among the Geonosians. This added to his personal aura, and made him the obvious choice to lead the Gehenbar Hive.

this desolate planet was the site of an Old Republic base, until the planet's government was overthrown by the Separatists during the height of the Clone Wars. Many years earlier, the once-lush planet had been virtually destroyed by the LiMerge Power corporation, which had attempted to profit from collecting plasma-based energy from its core. The mining operations proved inadequate for containing the plasma energy, and a series of nuclear explosions caused intense geological disruption, leveling much of the planet's surface and leaving it a barren wasteland. Only a handful of hardy plants managed to survive the cataclysm. It was rumored that Count Dooku established a base of operations on the planet, and it was enough of a rumor that the Jedi Order believed it was true. Upon hearing their news, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine requested that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker be dispatched to Tythe to capture Dooku once and for all. Although members of the Jedi Council worried about such an attack spreading the resources of the Grand Army of the Republic too thinly, Palpatine insisted that there might not be another opportunity to capture Dooku. This insistance nearly proved to be fatal, as it was learned that Dooku's appearance on Tythe - coupled with that of Shu Mai on Felucia - was a ruse meant to draw the Jedi Knights and the Grand Army of the Republic away from Coruscant. It was, in fact, a clone of Dooku that was on Tythe, one of many such clones created to draw the Republic's forces into a thinner and thinner net. Once the real Dooku saw that the capital of the Republic was undefended, Dooku launched an all-out assault on Coruscant.

Uncanny One, The
this was a moniker used by many bounty hunters to describe the Gand hunter Zuckuss.

Underground, The
this was the primary cantina which was in operation on the moon of Tilnes, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was operated by the Rodian named Maris Gen, and was located below the moon's surface. It catered to the needs of the miners who worked on Tilnes.

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