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Tract, The
this was the Basic name, derived from an ancient Swoken term, of the vast cemetary established by the Swokes Swokes on their homeworld of Makem Te. In a ritual that was millennia in age, Swokes Swokes would place a ceremonial, two-meter-square tile in The Tract whenever an individual died. On top of this tile was a small stone pillar called a stela. By the time of the New Order, more than 1.2 trillion Swokes Swokes had been buried in The Tract, which covered more than seven percent of the surface on Makem Te. From space, The Tract appeared to be a northern polar ice cap, as was noted in the first scouting reports done on the Makem System by the Old Republic. This led to the addition of The Tract to the list of the galaxy's Twenty Wonders. The bodies of those Swokes Swokes who were represented in The Tract were actually chopped up or incinerated, and their remains were returned to the family as good luck charms. Only the stone tile was placed in The Tract. Many years later, The Tract was nearly destroyed when the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of the galaxy. The alien invaders destroyed a refueling station that orbited Makem Te, in an effort to further hinder traffic flowing along the Perlemian Trade Route. The debris from the station crashed throughout the northern hemisphere of the planet, narrowing missing the land covered by The Tract.

Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, The
this was essentially the story of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis, as related to others by his own apprentice, Darth Sidious. Sidous used the story - which he carefully couched as a legend before revealing his true nature - to explain the potential of Plagueis' power, yet highlight the pride and hubris that was common among the Sith.

Tranquility, The
this was one of the many taverns and restaurants located in the Spacer Quarter of Aldera, on the planet Alderaan.

Transonic Synthesizer
a device which is used in hypno-imprinting, the transonic synthesizer allows a number of commands and triggers to be imprinted on a person's mind while the person is under hypnosis.

Tranthebar Mountain Ripper
this large, avian predator was native to the planet Thranthellix. These birds were captured by the natives of the planet and trained to serve as hunters, although individuals were never truly domesticated. The average ripper measured up to three meters in length, from beak to tail, and had a wingspan over five meters or more. During the height of the New Order, illegal tranthebar races were staging on many planets in the Core Worlds, and smuggling of these creatures off Tranthellix became a profitable endeavor. Racers used sophisticated control units to handle the birds, and were strapped to their bellies while in flight.

this planet is famous for its sky cities.

Trap, The
located within Exovar's Emporium, on the planet Neftali, this relaxation chamber was maintained by Kaori Batta, and displayed some of his most impressive kills.

Treasure of the Sharu
this was the name given to the collection of various artifacts and constructs left behind by the Sharu race. Often called the Treasure of Rafa during the era of the New Order, it contained many supposedly magical tools, including the Mindharp.

Tree, The
this was the name used by Besaama to describe the unusual tree that served as the portal to the hidden lair of the Wyrd, on the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. The Tree appeared to have been recently struck by lightning, with smoke leaking from its knotholes and a warm fire burning at its heart. A hidden switch inside one of the knotholes opened a small door, although only members of the Wyrd knew of the switch's location. It was believed that the Tree was a nexus of Dark Side energy, and could actually call out to Force-sensitive individuals and draw them to its location.

Trench, The
this section of the Hawk-bats' base on asteroid A3 was named because it was formed from a long, square mining shaft. The shaft itself was featureless, with a few doors off the corridor leading to storage rooms and personal quarters. However, various crates and modules often were stored here for later delivery, and Garik "Face" Loran noted that it probably resembled the equatorial trench on the first Death Star. He proved it by taking a model of an X-Wing and moving down the corridor. Shortly afterward, a member of Wraith Squadron painted the ceiling of the corridor black, and added white dots for stars, in order to complete the image of the trench.

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