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Thoughts from the Core
this compilation of songs, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture.

Thousand Worlds, The
this was the term used to describe the entire membership of the Old Republic and the Galactic Senate. It was meant to indicate that there were 1,024 seats in the Galactic Senate Rotunda, and actually represented much more than a thousand worlds.

Three, The
this is the basic element of all family business performed by the Kubaz race. The eldest child is in charge of the family's businesses, with the assistance of the next two younger siblings. If one of the Three should die, the eldest child of that individual assumes the last position in the Three, while the surviving two move up as necessary.

Thrive or Die: Memoirs of the Bloodletter
this book contained the memoirs of the human spy known only as the Bloodletter, and described his life on Thyferra during the ten-year period known as Alazhixazha, or the Thriving Season.

Tihaz Theater
this was the largest and most famous theater in the city of Ariana, on Garos IV.

Times and Trepidations of Majnar Roak, The
this animated holostrip was extremely popular during the Galactic Civil War. It was syndicated by Sektor 242 NewsLine.

Tingler, The
this form of personal shield was developed some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. It was designed to absorb and store electrical energy that was used as a weapon. This energy was then released slowly over time, so as not to injure the user. However, this discharge system made the inner edge of the shield vibrate, earning it the nickname of The Tingler.

Tobbra, Theb
this native of the planet Trallan served as the Indomitable's first officer, under Commodore Brand. He held the rank of Captain in the New Republic Navy. His wife had just had a new baby prior to the Battle of ILC-905. During that skirmish, Tobbra balked at Brand's plan to attack and destroy a Yevethan Aramadia-class starship in system ILC-905. Brand confined him to quarters during the attack, in order to remove any negative opinions.

Torturer, The
see Vengnar Heiff

a device which uses cartridges of gas to provide respiratory elements to races which cannot breathe certain atmospheres. The cartridge contains a limited supply of gas, which is expelled over time when the cartridge is inserted into a special breathing mask. The cartridges must be continually replaced if the individual remains out of its normal environment for too long.

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