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this specialized environment suit was designed to help a being survive in exceptionally cold environments.

this huge, four-legged creature was native to the mountains of Almania. They were covered with thick, white fur, and had small heads punctuated by short ears and striking blue eyes. Thernbees had a long, thin, prehensile tail which could be used like a whip. They drooled constantly, and needed sunlight in order to survive. They were semi-sentient and somewhat psychic, and were able to establish mental links to other beings with similar abilities. They consumed primarily leaves and vegetation, but would also eat the slimy slugs and snakes which inhabit the underbrush. They were very powerful, yet docile, creatures. The bite of the thernbee had a numbing effect on its victim, since the saliva of the thernbee had an anesthetic toxic in it. This caused the prey to stop moving, allowing the thernbee to kill it with little resistance. Because of their semi-sentient minds, Luke Skywalker petitioned the New Republic to ensure they were protected.

Thes Cligris
this Duros trader operated his business from a base onboard the Birthright, which he purchased just after the institution of the New Order. Although outwardly a businessbeing, Thes was also a supporter of the Alliance, and provided the Birthright as a transport whenever it was needed.

this clothing designer was known for its exotic bridal gowns.

this is the eighth combination symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letters "th".

this planet formed the starting point of the Thesme Trace, a minor trade route located in the Outer Rim. It was also the Thesme Sector capital during the height of the New Order.

Thesme Sector
this sector of the galaxy was located on the Outer Rim Territories.

Thesme Trace
this interstellar trade route intersected the Gordian Reach, along the Hydian Way, at the planet Thesme.

Thespar Trode
this female Ishi Tib was a friend of Danni Quee. Like Danni, Thespar found herself unemployed when New Republic Intelligence took over the work they had been doing to disrupt the gravitic devices of the Yuuzhan Vong. She ended up on Calamari in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant.

Thespian Union
this was a group of students at Imperial Academies throughout the galaxy which put on plays and operas as part of their extracurricular activities.

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