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Thermal Detonator
a round bomb used by smugglers and mercenaries, most of these weapons originated from a design first built on Talesia. They are essentially a casing which contained a shaped charge of baradium. The use of baradium made the weapon extremely dangerous, even for the being who threw it, as the element was highly unstable. Depending on the size of the charge, a thermal detonator would essentially atomize all material within a spherical area centered on the charge itself. Anything outside the range of the blast sphere remained virtually untouched. The baradium was activated by a switch, which would release a short burst of energy into the baradium mass, causing it to explode.

Thermal Grenade
this explosive device generated an intense ball of heat when detonated, literally melting everything in its blast radius. They were illegal to possess or use, during the height of the New Order.

Thermal Mine
this form of explosive device was employed in bringing down large buildings. It had a controllable blast, which enabled demolitions crews to safely bring down structures.

Thermal Shield
developed some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, thermal shields were a form of personal shield that protected the user against intense differences in temperature. The primary motivation for these shields came from fiefighters and other groups that worked around open flames, although they were later modified for military use. The only drawback to a military thermal shield was that it offered no protection against projectile or energy weapons.

Thermal suit
a thin, lightweight coverall worn over normal clothing that provides protection from extreme temperatures. They are often referred to as T-suits.

Thermal Veristat
this device was used in the construction of racing engines, and was responsible for regulating the internal temperature of these engines. Because of the incredible heat they generate, thermal veristats were required in podracer engines.

Thermal Well
this weapon was developed by the Alliance, in an effort to reduce the risks involved with using pure-baradium thermal detonators. Alliance technicians blended baradium with stabilized ytterbium, resulting in a denser explosive that ignited instead of exploding when energized. The thermal reaction is capable of generating thousands of degrees of heat in a short time, literally melting everything in its "blast radius."

this material was used to form pre-fab shelters.

this was a culinary device which used microfine heating lasers to cut through food and heat the individual slices.

a highly-combustible explosive.

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