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this former member of the Corellian Security Force was drummed out of the force after being wounded in an argument with a suspect. The injury left him without the use of his left eye, which he covered with a black patch like a pirate. The suspect admitted that he had tried to bribe Themog into releasing him, but later testified that Themog tried to raise the amount of the bribe before accepting it. Exiled from law enforcement, Themog eventually turned to a life of crime, and became the crimelord controlled who much of the underground activity on the planet Chrona, during the early years of the New Republic. Themog worked to strengthen his position of power by bribing Arno Gallorr and Moira Kruger, hoping to counteract the work of Mortris Gallorr to free the planet from criminal control. Unknown to most, he was also romantically involved with Moira, and convinced her to allow him to use the Grinder Dance Hall as a hideout. When Mortris began hiring mercenaries to protect the citizens of Corestrike, Themog kidnapped Mortris, his grandson Selmar, and his daughter-in-law Serise. He held them ransom against a group of determined freelance protectors, until his thugs were defeated and Themog was defeated in a firefight.

this is the capital city of the planet Marngar III. The Imperial university's main campus on the planet is located here.

this was one of the two largest agricultural centers found on the planet Krant. Like Peche, Thennes was protected by a token police force during the last decades of the Old Republic.

a alien race which greatly influenced Saffa paintings, after they made initial contact several millenia before the Galactic Civil War.

Thent Squadron
this was a group of Army troopers dispatched by the Empire to overtake the New Republic base on Saarn, shortly after the re-appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

this alien was a noted forger who worked from a base on Balmorra during the early years of the New Republic.

Theory of Universal Reference
this was the name given to the scientific discoveries of the ancient Drall scientist Tiran, who proved that space and time were connected, and that the speed of light was an absolute bonudary that could not be crossed. His theories were proven some 10,000 years before the discovery of hyperspace, and were once deemed to be irrefutable. Millennia later, investigation into the Theory revealed that it did not preclude an object traveling faster than light; it just prohibited an object traveling at the speed of light.

Theosidicc Sirrap Treblif
this Elomin author wrote The History of Two Peoples, One Planet.

Theran Listeners
the members of this cult of Force-sensitive individuals could sometimes hear the voices of the Spook crystals through the Force. Found mainly on the planet Nam Choris, they were the latter-day versions of the prophet Theras, and often had healing powers as well as insight and foresight.

this black rock was used as a fuel source by many primitive races, but was known to be unstable and volatile if handled improperly.

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