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Theen Fida
this Anx was a student of the Force, training under Jedi Master Tsui Choi in the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Theen Fida and Tsui Choi were part of a team dispatched to Yitheeth to locate the Yinchorri command center. After discovering that the Yonchorri were not on the water-covered world, the team traveled to Yinchorr itself to meet up with Mace Windu's team. Unfortunately for Master Choi, Theen Fida was killed by Yinchorri warriors while guarding the Jedi's remaining starship.

Theen Ocean
this was the smallest of the three seas located on the planet Genesia.

Thek, Gadon
this dark-skinned man, a native of the Lower City of Taris, was the leader of the Hidden Bek swoop gang during the height of the Great Sith War, more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. As a member of the Hidden Bek, Gadon had seen the Black Vulkars move in an take control of the planet, and he held no love whatsoever for Davik Kang.

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians.

this contemporary of Hari Seldona was a student at Alderaan University, and a secret dissident during the rise of the New Order. She was a quiet student of music, and heralded from a backwater world that has thus far avoided Imperial invasion. She had a good deal of promise, but the oppression of the Empire seemed to dampen her creative spirit. It was later discovered that many of her later works were actually plagiarized versions of works created by the forgotten composer Salyer. She was expelled, and she fled into the wilderness where she had been secretly running guns to the Alliance. She was captured by Imperial agents who had been following her, and was subjected to deep interrogation. The agents tried to have her transported to the newly-arrived Death Star for further interrogation, but their calls were ignored. Thelaa and her torturers were killed when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan.

this woman led a group of infiltrators to Kelada, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Thel-Tanis, Darra
this young girl was training to be a Jedi Knight, under the tutelage of Soara Antana, at the same time Anakin Skywalker was training with Obi-Wan Kenobi, some five years after the Battle of Naboo. She was easily distinguished by her bright, copper- and -gold-colored hair, and by the ribbons she wove into her Padawan braid. Darra was badly injured during a mission to rescue Old Republic scientists on Haariden, after taking a blaster bolt in the thigh. Note that Jedi Quest: The False Peace indicates that Darra was injured on Norah. The bolt had been laced with a chemical charge, and she went into shock almost immediately. She recovered from her injuries, and later helped her Master oversee the relief efforts on the planet Nuralee. Despite her trials, Darra was known among her fellows studetns as a bright and shining individual, full of life and gusto that was infectious. Darra and Master Antana were later chosen as part of a four-pair team to travel to Korriban and apprehend Granta Omega and Jenna Zan Arbor. Darra, along with Anakin and fellow students Tru Veld and Ferus Olin, accompanied their Masters to Korriban. On the remote world, they found themselves besieged by the Dark Side of the Force, and the Padawans were helpless as Anakin began to argue with them at every turn. They realized that Ferus - not Anakin - had been chosen for early promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight, but couldn't understand why Anakin would allow his anger to come before the mission. After Tru was hurt, the team regrouped for a final attack. In the battle, Darra was forced to leap in front of several blaster bolts to protect Ferus. She took the blasts in the chest, and later died from her injuries. Note that Jedi Quest: The False Peace also names this character as Darra Haariden.
(JQ1, JQ4, JQ9, JQ10)

Thelvin Order of Barundi
this sect sought to completely isolate itself from the rest of galactic society, several thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. To ensure their isolation, the Thelvins even developed their own language, allowing them to speak amongst themselves without being understood. The basis of the Thelvin Order was the attainment of perpetual happiness, and their society's laws were very strict in promoting this happiness. Any member of society which did not work toward harmony was subject to immediate capital punishment, and were beaten to death with thorny flowers which exuded a deadly poison.

this was a potent neurotoxin developed by the Malkite Poisoners, during the height of the New Order.

this man was a member of the police force on Eriadu, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Themion was in charge of the interrogation of Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila, after they tried to save the life of Kelbis Nu.

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