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Temple of the Sacred Circle
this was the central building of worship maintained by the sisters of the Order of the Sacred Circle on the planet Monastery. In addition to serving a religious purpose, the Temple also provided shelter and housing for the many devotees who lived on the planet. It was a vast dome-shaped structure, sitting within a square compound. At each corner of the compound was a tall tower. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, when Domina Tagge schemed to have Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker eliminated, Imperial forces under the command of Captain Wermis opened fire on the Temple and its surrounding campus, destroying much of the building and scattering the acolytes.
(MC35, MC37)

Terror of the Perlemian
this was a name given to the Storm Fleet of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars.

The Alien Bar
located in the district of Haziz Downside, on the planet N'zoth, this was one of the few places that a non-Yevetha could get a drink in public.

The Battle of Ahto: A Memoir
this history of the Imperial occupation of the planet Manaan and the effects it had on the Selkath was written by Fewash Welko. The book chronicled the Selkath plans for rebellion, as well as the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger who knew as much about the Order of Shasa as the Selkath. After the Battle of Endor, the book was translated from the Selkath language into Basic, for reading and investigation by the rest of the galaxy. It was then that people realized the Selkath had been visited by Darth Vader, not a saving Jedi as many had suspected. The memoirs told of the swift way in which the Selkath infiltrated the Imperial base and eliminated any opposition. Their attack was so fast that the base Commander could only order a retreat in the face of it, leaving the tourists who had traveled to Manaan behind. However, the Selkath didn't stop at killing the Imperials. They found themselves possessed by a bloodlust that consumed them, and they slaughtered the innocent tourists as well. Jedi scholars came to believe that Vader had tricked them into the attacks, in an effort to force the Selkath down a path toward the Dark Side of the Force, where they might have become a powerful weapon for Emperor Palpatine.

The Big Isn't
this was a term used to describe interstellar space, referring to the fact that there is literally nothing in between star systems but dust and vacuum.

The Bonny Bounty
this tavern, located on the moon Bogg 4, was a known hangout for bounty hunters and those beings who needed a bounty collected, during the last decades of the Old Republic.

The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths
this Corellian opera was first produced more than twenty years before the Battle of Naboo, and was popular enough to attract galactic attention. The funding for the original production was acquired from several sources, including a large donation from the parents of Finis Valorum. After its surprisingly successful run on Coruscant, the opera was taken on the road by a troupe of Biths, and appeared on a wealth of planets over the next twenty years. It was staged at the prestigious Coruscant Opera house in the year leading up to the Battle of Naboo.

The Emperor's Court
this spoof on criminal justice holovids was produced by an unknown agent during the height of the New Order. Individual episodes featured an actor who was garbed like Emperor Palpatine, who served as judge and jury for simple litigation cases. Another actor, dressed as Darth Vader, portrayed the Emperor's bailiff. Cases were tried with an exaggerated form of "Imperial justice," in an effort to parody the Empire's cruelty and make it more obvious to the galaxy. This is a spoof on the popular courtroom-based television series, The People's Court.

The Goods
this was the term used to describe Finis Valorum, during his tenure as Chancellor of the Old Republic, by the Senate Guards and the Judicial Department.

The Great Corporate Expansion Era
this was the title of Volume Seven of Peterson's Guide to Droids of the Republic.

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