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Body of the Living God
this is the name for the planet Ronyards, used by the multitude of droids that live there. They consider the huge, planet-covering construct of droid parts to be the work of the planet itself.

Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II
Bonadan's largest spaceport, Bonadan Spaceport Southest II boasted a huge lounge that was covered by a transparent dome, allowing its occupants an unobstructed view of the spaceport's traffic. Thousands of ships and suborbital vessels passed through the spaceport on any given day, making this spaceport one of the busiest ports in the entire Corporate Sector. The size of the spaceport rivaled that of many large cities throughout the galaxy.

Boneyard, The
this curiously large pile of bones was located on the planet Iego, just north of the Scatter. Despite the small stature of both the Diathim and the Maelibi, the bones found in the Boneyard were immensely huge, and seemed incongruous when viewed in comparison with other such bonepiles. The skeletons found in the Boneyard actually resonated with the songs of the Maelibi who lived below it, giving the Boneyard an eerie, musical backdrop. It was rumored that an ancient Star Dragon lived in the canyons north of the Boneyard.

Bongo Rally, The
this annual, underwater race was staged by the Gungans. Originating in Lake Umberbool, the Bongo Rally course was a large, water-fillde tube that wound through the waters of Naboo. The two-kilometer course was filled with loops, turns, and plorkscrew tunnels, and the tube in which the races moved was just wide enough for two bongos.

Book of Anger, The
the first volume of the Dark Side Compendium, this work by Emperor Palpatine was derived from several sources: fallen Jedi, the Jedi Holocron he stole from Ashka Boda, and the collected works of primitive magicians. It describes the ways that a Dark Jedi can use and control anger to make him stronger and more aggressive. Much of the volume's writing centered on the merger of political theory with Sith doctrine.

Book of Law, The
the source of the Singing Mountain clan's basic tenets. The book was created by Allya to describe the ways in which the women of Dathomir should use their power. Foremost among the laws is the tenet, "Never concede to evil." Over time, other women leaders and even other clans modified the book for their own use. If a woman ever broke the laws Allya created, she was exiled from her tribe. The woman could be given a chance to rejoin her group if, after three years in the wilderness, she agreed to once again take up the laws in the book.

Book of Shadows, The
this was the heavily-modified version of The Book of Law which was created by Gethzerion, after she was exiled from her clan. Gethzerion taught her followers that Allya had written the original book after she was old and weak, and that the laws she set down were for her own benefit, and not that of the other sisters. This book taught the use of what Gethzerion later called Shadow Magic.

Book, The
this was a slang term used by agents of the Old Republic's Intelligence agency to describe the operating manual its agents are trained to use. Many rookie agents quickly learn that The Book and its content are primarily guidelines to be used when in the field, although pratical experience often took precedence when sudden changes in plan occurred.

Bothehl Desert
this vast desert was located on the planet Beheboth.

this was another name for the Bothan language of the Bothans.

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