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Song of the Dongtha Slayer
this well-known epic poem was created by an ancient Askajian. It was known to have 722 verses.

Song of the Emissary
this was one of the many histories maintained by the High Singer of the Toka. It told the story of the appearance of the Emissary, who would accompany the Bearer to the Rafa System when the danger to the ancient Sharu had passed.

Song of the Reflective Telescope
this was one of the many historical chants that Mohs had memorized, as part of his duty as the High Singer of the Toka. The song was a ritualized description of the stars and planets in the Rafa System, handed down from the ancient Sharu.

Song of the Universe
according to many races throughout the galaxy, especially races of insectile origins or those with hive minds, the Song of the Universe was the natural harmony created by every living creature. Each creature and race had its part to play in the Song of the Universe, and the more one concentrated, the easier it became to hear the Song. Only truly insectile races were believed to hear the entire Song, although the exact reasons for this were not known.

Song, The
this was the term used by the Theran Listeners to describe the eternity that awaited a being after their death. It seemed to refer to the underlying hum that permeated the air on their homeworld of Nam Chorios. When a being died of natural causes, their spirit returned to the Song. However, when a being died violently, their spirit was believed to be trapped in their body, since it was unable to escape normally. A proper burial would be necessary to help the spirit return to the Song.

this was a specialized device that used sound waves to smooth out fabrics.

this Yinchorri was a member of the Intelligentsia class, during the years following the Battloe fo Naboo. Sothek was one of the few Yinchorri who doubted Vilmarh Grahrk's plans to steal starships from the Golden Nyss Shipyards, mainly because Grahrk wasn't a member of a Yinchorri clan.

Sound of Her Wings, The
this musical piece was written and played by Gayman Neeloid, and was popular during the early years of the New Republic.

Southern Bandomeer Consolidated
this collection of ice-mining operations owned and operated the Sub-70 Ice Mines on the planet Bandomeer. Southern Bandomeer Consolidated worked hard to maintain the belief that working in the ice mines was much more dangerous than working in the ionite and azurite mines of the land-based mining operations, such as the Offworld Mining Company. The reason behind this ruse was a well-kept secret: Southern Bandomeer Consolidated needed strong, experienced miners to handle the extraction of metals and minerals from the ice, but couldn't spare the personnel to actually train them. Thus, by cultivating the belief that the ice mines were a virtual death sentence, they could literally "buy" miners from Offworld and other corporations. Because the work in the ice mines was "exceptionally difficult", Southern Bandomeer Consolidated only bought Wookiees, Whiphids, and other strong-bodied races. Once a miner was purchased and brought to corporate headquarters, they were given a choice: continue working for Southern Bandomeer Consolidated as an employee, or find work offplanet. In this way, Southern Bandomeer Consolidated obtained a wealth of eager miners, and helped free many other beings from the virtual enslavement they were enduring with other mining operations.

Southern Crags
this desolate, remote area of the Skeeb Desert was located near Skeebo City. It was here, in the Skeendo Tunnels, that the Skavers created their base of operations.

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