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Shadow of the Alliance
this was the name of a small, dense nebula that was located near the Yavin System. Many of the Alliance ships fleeing Yavin 4 in the wake of the Battle of Yavin hid in this nebula to avoid Imperial pursuit.

Shadow, The
this was another name for the Rainbow-Eyed Enemy described by The Message of the Yuuzhan Vong Shamed Ones.

Shaft, The
this was the name of the longest corridor located on the Jubilee Wheel space station.

Shattered Rock, The
this was the name given to one of the Alliance's asteroid bases, scouted by Mils Gessak and built with the help of Arago Tanca.

Shield, The
this group of freelance "security specialists" was also a collection of Alliance operatives, active during the Galactic Civil War. They started out protecting corporate couriers during intra-system travel, then expanded to act as executive bodyguards. Eventually, The Shield got into espionage and security work. Much of their work was done to protect supporters and members of the Alliance, provided that their resonable prices were paid.

Shoals, The
this was the name of one of the first settlements established outside the borders of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. The Shoals was originally leased by Hugo Bartyn to a group of Quarren workers who wanted to live on their own, yet still remain employed by Bartyn's seafood harvesting operations. Bartyn realized that he could make more money by expanding his base of operations, and later funded several other frontier locations like The Shoals.

Show, The
this was a slang term used by starfighter pilots to describe a space battle.

Shower of the Way
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu.

Shrag Brothers
sneak-thieves on Nar Shaddaa.

Shrine of the Sleeper
this chamber was located in DarkStryder's fortress, on the planet Kathol. It was here that the Yapi and Charr Ontee discovered the image of the Sleeper. When DarkStryder drove the Charr Ontee and the Yapi away, they took the image with them, because they knew that DarkStryder feared the return of the Sleeper. The crew of the FarStar, after surviving the destruction of their ship, discovered that the Shrine contained the preserved body of the Jedi Knight Halbret, who had been trapped on Kathol during the Rift Disaster. It was Halbret's image the Charr Ontee remembered. Halbret had been preserved by the Kathol after she helped them enter the Lifewell, mainly to help restore the Kathol once the danger of the Dark Jedi had passed. However, DarkStryder continued to evolve, and chose not to revive Halbret or the Kathol, desiring power for itself.

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