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Secret Treasure of the Jedi
Vilmarh Grahrk claimed to have been hired to locate this fabled, secret treasure and steal it from the Jedi Kinghts, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. He claimed that he was hired by Bobo - a codename for Darth Sidious - to retrieve the treasure. In order to do so, he "distracted" the Jedi by inciting the Yinchorri to start their conquest of several planets, including Mayvitch 7. This allowed Bobo to infiltrate the Jedi Temple and steal the treasure. However, Bobo left Villie and the Yinchorri to die, and tried to flee unscathed. Villie managed to track him down and take the Treasure for himself, in hopes of returning it to the Jedi for a huge reward. The Jedi Knights, according to Villie, were willing to pay anything for its return, and practically begged him to recover it. Villie later claimed that he lost the reward while betting on Sebulba during the Boonta Eve Classic podrace on Tatooine, when Anakin Skywalker beat the Dug on the final lap. Despite the amazing story, Vilmarh Grahrk never revealed what exactly the Treasure was.

Secret Way, The
this was the name given to the submerged pathway of stones that led from the royal palace on Hapes to a small island in the middle of a lake. The Secret Way was known only to the Queen Mother, who walked along the randomly-placed stones to reach a place where she could truly be alone. The island itself was designed with small groups of paan trees that shielded its from view, further isolating the Queen Mother from prying eyes.

Secrets of Jedi Power, The
this sensationalistic account of the uses of the Force was purchased by Luke Skywalker at the Galactic Archives, on Atzerri.

Secrets of The Dark Side
High Prophet Jedgar's hand-written volume, chronicling all of Kadann's dark prophecies.

Seeker, The
this was another name for the Lesser Mark of Illumination.

Seer of the Temple
this alien, a native of the planet Gap Nine, fought against Colonel Traft and the Imperials who occupied the planet. The Seer was more than happy to receive assistance from the Alliance in deposing Traft and retaking their planet.

Seige of Trasemene, The
this was one of the most famous historical battles of the Empire. It was at this battle that Grand Admiral Takel made a name for himself as a brilliant strategist, thanks in part to his addiction to glitterstim.
(GFT, SWI66)

Select, The
this was the term used by Nom Anor, acting as the prophet Yu'shaa, to describe those loyal individuals who were sent to infiltrate the ranks of the Yuuzhan Vong military and government. Those Shamed ones who showed a quick intellect without too much independent thought were assigned to get as close to Supreme Overlord Shimrra as possible and spread The Message, while carrying concealed villips that would allow Nom Anor to see what Shimrra was planning.

Senate Investigating Commission on Crime Syndication, Dissemination, and Proliferation in the Core and Mid-Rim Systems
this committee was formed within the Galactic Senate, several decades before the Battle of Geonosis, to investigate the ways in which criminal organizations were formed, grew, and expanded throughout the Core Worlds and the Mid Rim. Many Senators from other regions of the galaxy demanded that the committee expand its scope, since much of the galaxy's crime was moving away from the Core to avoid the notice of the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Seven Stars, The
this was a religious reference used by at least one human culture in the galaxy.

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