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Santherian Tenho-root
this plant's extract is often used by drug addicts who wish to escape the harsh realities of life and experience everything as a gentle sunset. The effects of tehno-root were especially powerful to members of the Falleen race, which experienced an intense psychotropic episode after taking it.

this is one of several small, industrial towns strewn across the northern coast of Anai, on the planet Lianna.

Satellite, The
this was one of the non-standard face cards that sometimes appeared in a sabacc deck, especially if the deck was used for telling a being's fortune. When it appeared during a fortune-telling, the Satellite indicated a number of failry bad things might happen: deceit, betrayal, and deception were most often associated with the Satellite.

Save the Stohl
this public relations campaign was started after Shantee Ree's attack stohl bit an overzealous admirer during an autograph session. The fan grabbed her arm, and the stohl - Needla - responded as she was trained. The media immediately portrayed the attack stohls as vicious, and hunters began killing them for no reason. Shantee responded quickly, first explaining Needla's reaction, then launching the "Save the Stohl" campaign to halt the slaughter of the creatures.

Saving the Universe (again)
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, first appeared on the compilation Deeply Religious. It was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture.

Saw-toothed Grank
this species of large, predatory feline was native to the planet Naboo. The grank's jaws were filled with huge, serrated teeth which it used to capture and tear at its favorite prey, the shiro. The meat of the grank was considered a delicacy by the Gungans, and its hard toenails were machined for use in the engines of bongo submarines. In the wild, granks were solitary predators that hunted with acute senses of hearing and touch. The latter sense was obtained by the hairs that ran along the creature's sides, which could detect vibrations in the air and ground. A few specimens of saw-toothed grank were exported from Naboo as pets or guardbeasts, but these usually became too feral to manage and were set loose. These wild granks quickly dominated their ecosystem, and often preyed upon sentient beings before being destroyed.

Scarlet Pirate, The
this was the nickname of Reddjak, the pirate who was the leading character in the holo-series Space Pirates of the Galaxy, which was popular during the early years of the New Order.

Scatter, The
this shallow valley was located on the planet Iego, and it was here that the Diathim - also known as the Angels - dragged wayward starships and crashed them. It seemed to be covered with a sheet of ice, but the shiny surface was actually formed by the reflection of light off starship hulls. The Scatter was surrounded by the wreckage of thousands of starships, and the twisted wreckage made access to the valley floor difficult and dangerous. The survivors who managed to eke out an existence on Iego made their homes along the Scatter, using the hulls of starships as shelter.

Scavenger of the Galaxy
see Redkihl Rokk

School For The Learning, The
this was formal name of the Keganite educational facility for The Learning.

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