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this was a code phrase Gara Petothel had installed in the computer systems of the Implacable, which allowed her to gain access to virtually any room on the ship. When the Implacable was severely damaged by the New Republic over Ession, she used it to gain access to Apwar Trigit's quarters and escape the Implacable by using Trigit's personal escape pod.

A Toss of the Dice: This Gambler's Life
these memoirs were collected and published by Lando Calrissian, shortly after the Battle of Endor.

A99 Aquata Breather
this small, thin device is often found in survival kits and utility belts. The A99 breather, when inserted into the user's mouth, extracts oxygen from the surrounding water, allowing the user to swim underwater and "breath" through their mouth. The A99 Aquata breather resembles a small, curved mouthpiece.

Absolute, The
this was the name of the secret police force maintained by the Civilized faction of the planet Apsolon, during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The motto of the Absolutes was simple: "Absolute justice calls for absolute loyalty." The Absolutes were charged with putting an end to the industrial sabotage of the Workers, but they were unable to stop it. They were known for their use of painful torture and sensory deprivation in order to make the Workers bend to their will. Many Workers had their hands broken, so that they could never work in the high-paying technical jobs. In the wake of Ewane's election, the Absolutes were supposed to have been disbanded. Their headquarters building was gutted and turned into the Museum of the Absolutes, as a grim reminder of their activities. However, many believed that the Absolutes were ultimately behind the murder of Ewane, shortly after he left office. The Jedi Master Tahl was able to infiltrate the ranks of the new Absolute, and was present when Qui-Gon Jinn was captured. Their ranks were small and uncontrollable, and there was constant in-fighting among the members.

Abyss, The
this was one of the many podraces which meandered through the cloud-cities of the planet Ord Ibanna during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Abyss, The
this was the deepest of the mines which had been excavated on the planet Vasha, during the last years of the New Order. It was believed that the Vashan god of decay, the Rot-Maggot, had his lair at the bottom of the Abyss, near the planet's core.

Abyss, The
this deep-reaching, vertical slice of Imperial City was located on Coruscant. The headquarters of the New Republic Intelligence agency, known as the Mirage, were located well below the surface of the planet, within the Abyss itself.

Academy of Jedi Archaeology, The
a division of the ancient Jedi Knights which strove to recover the ancient Jedi teachings and lore, including the Sith knowledge.

Academy, The
an elite training and educational institution, the original goal of the Academy (during the Old Republic and early parts of the Emperor's New Order) was to train personnel for various space-going tasks. Under Palpatine, though, the goal was twisted to become an Imperial training center. There is no single location, although the Academy's most renowned training center is on Raithal. The basic training program lasts 30 months.

Adepts of the White Current
this was the title given to the leaders of the Force-sensitive group that worshipped the White Current.

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