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a group of beings which originated on Lucazec, the Fallanassi eventually became a quasi-religious order made up of various species. The Fallanasi were originally formed by a group of Force adepts who followed the way of the White Current, another name for the Force. The original Fallanasi had no desire to physically affect their surroundings, and their knowledge of the White Current eliminated all aspects of physical manipulation using the Force. Instead, they focused on the mind, spirit and body, and how these three entities formed a single individual. This flowed into the ways in which numbers of individuals formed the eddies and whorls of the White Current. The Fallanassi were the subject of Imperial pursuit during the Galactic Civil War, for Palpatine wanted to control their Force-like powers. The Fallanassi fled Lucazec some two years before the Battle of Yavin, and scattered throughout the galaxy. They have an innate ability to change names, appearances, and habits in order to blend in with their surroundings. This has allowed them to evade Imperial pursuit on the various worlds they fled to, such as Teyr and Atzerri. Most of the Fallanassi had relocated to planets in the Koornacht Cluster, and were subjected to the executions of the Yevetha during the Black Fleet Crisis. A few realized the danger, and sent the Star Morning to recover any and all survivors. Following the Battle of N'zoth, the remaining Fallanassi fled the Cluster and hid themselves, hoping to recover from their losses and regain their strength and unity. Many followed Akanah and settled on Pydyr, where they remained hidden from the rest of the galaxy for many years. After the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Fallanassi wondered at the wisdom of the new Jedi order's view of the Force as a single entity. Many Fallanassi saw their new beliefs as folly that was rivaled only by their arrogance, fearing that new Jedi Knights would tap the Dark Side as well as the Light Side, thereby falling more quickly to evil.
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