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Doom Slayer

this series of assassin droid was designed and manufactured by Sythluss Leethe. The design was based on a standard Sluissi security droid, and resembled an adult Sluissi when fully extended. At rest, the Doom Slayer rolled itself up into a tight, well-armored sphere. Leethe protected the droid with a lightweight armor, into which he placed a series of microcircuits, and which was painted with a special chemical paint. This combination allowed the droid to sense the electromagentic environment around it and alter its coloration to blend in with its background. When in attack mode, the Doom Slayer unfolds its tail, which housed a modified BlasTech T-21 light repeating blaster. A trio of MGL-1 microgrenade launchers give the spherical body the appearance of a face. Two manipulator arms could be extended from the body, to graps objects or victims. Because of the high cost of building the droid, Leethe would only use it to collect bounties worth 100,000 credits or more, in order to recover his operating costs. It was rumored that he had been contracted to use the Doom Slayer to kill Jabba the Hutt, and collected his fee before Leia Organa killed the crimelord herself. The spherical body of the Doom Slayer measured a meter in diameter, and its tail added another meter to its overall length when extended. Leethe sent one of these droids to Gelgelar to destroy the Alliance's drop point in Gelgelar Free Port, but the droid was destroyed by Ihvin Jayme and Maglenna Pendower.
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