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this tall, broad-shouldered man had close-cropped, moss-green hair. A silver cyborg implant wrapped completely around his head, and had several access ports jacked directly into his skull. The implant covered his eyes, and a single red optical laser allowed him to see. One of the more powerful lieutenants in the Black Sun organization, Czethros was imprisoned in the Kessel spice mines after being arrested by Imperial officers on Ord Mantell, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Czethros and his companion, Briff, had been trying to capture Han Solo by threatening to kill Chewbacca. Solo countered by stealing Czethros' starship and flying into several Imperial no-fly zones and committing other infractions. Han returned to Ord Mantell and rescued Chewbacca just before a squadron of stormtroopers arrested Czethros and Briff. Czethros found employment on Kessel as an assistant to Moruth Doole, and later returned to Ord Mantell upon his release. Czethros never forgot his Black Sun connections, and soon found employment with Durga the Hutt. After Durga's demise, he decided to lay low and became a respectable businessman, and was influential in the yearly planning of the Blockade Runners Derby. This served as the perfect front from which to rebuild Black Sun in his own image. It was Czethros who then arranged for Solo to act as Grand Marshall of the 93rd Derby, all the while plotting his revenge against Han. His initial plans failed, but Czethros was undaunted. He knew that he was rebuilding a criminal empire through the remnants of Black Sun, and would soon have enough resources to eliminate Solo once and for all. Czethros continued to expand his organization, learning from all of Black Sun's previous mistakes. He tried to take control of much of Cloud City's revenues, including SkyCenter Galleria, but was again foiled in his plans by Lando Calrissian and the Solo children. Sometime later, Czethros placed key Black Sun agents in high positions around the galaxy, and developed a plan which used precision communications to simultaneously activate them. On cue, they would disrupt New Republic governments and provide enough distraction for Czethros to move in and take control. First, however, Czethros tried to take over the spice mines of Kessel. His plan nearly succeeded, but the Jedi Knights Jaina Solo, Zekk, and Lowbacca managed to foil his communications plan and eliminate the threat. New Republic forces were quickly dispatched to Kessel, and Czethros was forced to flee. He was unable to get away cleanly, however, and fell into a vat of molten carbonite after tripping over a dead mine worker. His frozen form was recovered by the New Republic and taken into custody.
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