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Ies, Daxar

this man wanted by Emperor Palpatine himself for stealing huge amounts of credits from Imperial coffers, including a small fortune that he had embezzled from Palpatine's personal accounts. During the height of the New Order, Palpatine dispatched Mara Jade to bring him to justice. She found him alone in his office, and killed him before he could raise an alarm. She then set out to piece together information on the confusing network of bank accounts that Ies had created to hide the stolen credits. However, while searching his residence for information on these accounts, Jade was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Ies' wife and daughter. Rather than killing them and ensuring the mission would not be compromised, Jade chose to let them flee into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Her reasons were deeply personal, and she returned to Palpatine with only Daxar's death in her report, noting that the information on his accounts had been lost. Years later, Alema Rar tried to tell Luke Skywalker that Daxar Ies was the lead developer on the Intellex Four droid brain project, in an effort to force Luke to question his wife's motivations. According to Alema, Daxar was the man who developed the complicated codes that protected the deepest parts of the Intellex Four circuitry, which Luke needed to access stored information in R2-D2's memory core. Alema then tried to get Luke question why Mara would hide this information from Luke, when she knew that Luke needed the codes to access information on who his mother was. Strangely, to corroborate her story, Alema managed to produce not one but two of the access codes, which allowed Luke to locate more information R2-D2 was hiding. When it was discovered that the Gorog were trying to divide the new Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance, Alema's story was exposed as an untruth, although Luke still wondered how she had obtained the access codes.
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