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Fizz, The

this disease was believed to have originated on the planet Woteba, during the months following the establishment of several Colony hives on the planet, a year or so after the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated. The Killiks who were afflicted by the Fizz found themselves covered with a foamy coating that seemed to eat away at their bodies, causing considerable pain until the individual simply was unable to sustain itself and expired. What made the disease unusual was that it also attacked non-living targets, such as landspeeders and landscaping equipment. UnuThul and the Colony claimed that the new Jedi Order knew about the Fizz all along, and tricked the Colony into relocating to Woteba in order to infect them. However, investigation by Cilghal and other Jedi healers revealed that the Fizz was not a naturally-occurring infection, but a kind of environmental defense system. It was a sophisticated, self-replicating nanotech virus that reacted whenever the environmental balance of Woteba was upset, and only attacked those things that were deemed to be harmful to Woteba's natural state of being. Cilghal further speculated that the Fizz was present only in the Utegetu Nebula because it had been placed there by an unknown race, to assist with restoration of the planetary systems within the nebula in the wake of the supernova that created it. Exactly where the Fizz came from, and who created it, were mysteries that the Jedi were unable to initially resolve, causing the Killiks to continue to insist that it was being used against them in order to exterminate their race. It was believed that the quarrying of moirestone and the harvesting of hamogoni wood by the Killiks, combined with the disposable to toxins into the planet's bogs, signaled the onset of the Fizz. The theory that the Fizz was designed to restore the planets to their original state was supported by evidence that the Fizz was affecting all fifteen Colony worlds within the Utegetu Nebula.
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