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this woman was ostensibly the leader of the Handmaiden Sisters, and was once a member of the Jedi Order, during the years following the Great Sith War. During her early training, Atris looked up to The Exile, and it was this relationship that led her to side with the Jedi Order's decision to cut him off from the Force and send him into deep space, following the Jedi Civil War. When the Jedi Council was nearly destroyed, Atris herself led the Echani Handmaidens to Telos, where she and her sisters struggled to preserve the histories and teachings of the Jedi Order, in the hopes of rebuilding the Jedi Order at some future time. She was reunited with The Exile briefly, after the destruction of the Peragus Mining Colony and the appearance of Darth Sion. It was then that Kreia realized that Atris was once a Jedi Master herself, and that she was also a member of the Jedi Council. Kreia also realized that Atris was heading down a path to the Dark Side of the Force, and lured her to Telos when she abandoned the Jedi Order and revealed herself to be Darth Traya. Atris followed her obediently, but fell in combat with The Exile on Telos. The Exile refused to slay her, and spared her life.
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