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Exile, The

this was a name used to describe a former Jedi Padawan who was stripped of his connection to the Force and set adrift in the galaxy, during the years following the defeat of Darth Malak and the destruction of the Star Forge. In the wake of the Jedi Civil War, The Exile was sent away because he had abandoned the Jedi Order and followed Revan to join the Mandalorian Wars. After the Jedi Civil War mearly wiped out the entire Jedi Order, The Exile discovered a renewed link to the Force when his ship, the Ebon Hawk, was discovered in deep space by a group of Sith devotees and Jedi Master Kreia. Although the Sith Lord, Darth Sion, was unaware of his true nature, Kreia believed him to be among the last of the Jedi. He reluctantly agreed to be trained by Kreia, after learning that they shared a bond through a Force Chain, a connection that should not have been possible given his exile. As he came to grips with his situation, The Exile remembered fighting in the Mandalorian Wars, where he served as a General under Revan, and was responsible for activating the Mass Shadow Generator that ended the fighting. Kreia's connection to the Force, and the knowledge obtained by T3-M4, allowed The Exile to learn more about his defection from the Jedi Order to join Revan. At the time he regained consciousness on Peragus II, the Exile believed that his connection to the Force was cut off when he abandoned the Jedi Code. After escaping Darth Sion at Peragus II and learning that five Jedi Masters had survived the Jedi Civil War, The Exile set out to locate them, in an effort to being rebuilding the Jedi Order. Along the way, he learned that one of the members of his party, Atton Rand, had been trained in a limited use of the Force. The Exile agreed to train Rand as a Jedi, to the best of his abilities. After finding all the surviving Jedi Masters and getting them to regroup on Dantooine, The Exile was dismayed to learn that Kreia was not the Jedi Master she claimed to be. Instead, she was actually Darth Traya, and part of the triumverate of Sith Lords who were plotting on Malachor V to take over the galaxy. He set out to hunt them down, defeating Darth Nihilus at Telos and Darth Sion on Malachor V before confronting his teacher. Although she was more powerful, The Exile managed to defeat her in combat. Before killing her, though, he demanded to know something of the future, hoping that any information would guide his path. Taking the dead woman's words at face value, The Exile returned to Dantooine to complete his training as a Jedi.
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