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Kind, The

this was another name used to describe the Colony of insectile beings. It conveyed more about them as an actual species, rather than their collective existence, but was used interchangeably to describe them. Although individual hives seemed to have distinguishing features, the basic anatomy of a member of the Kind consisted of four skinny arms, two thin legs, and feathery antennae that measured almost a meter across. Their thoraxes and abdomens varied in color from deep orange to pale blue, and were combined in what many races considered to be garish displays. The head of a Kind member was dominated by two main eyes and three ocular lenses that provided near-360-degree vision, and a pair of mandibles acted as jaws or forearms, depending on the hive. Many members of the Kind had short, vestigial wings on their backs. It was believed that each generation of the Colony lasted about two standard years. Among the Kind, there were very few males, and they only left their nest or hive when it was time to establish a new one. Because of their hive mentality and the sharing of all minds within the Will of the hive, members of the Kind simply did what they needed to do in order to protect the hive. Thus, while they fought vigorously to protect the hive, they held no animosity toward their enemies. In fact, the Kind lacked any sort of concept of an enemy. Like many insectoid races, the Kind recorded their history using pheromones, and their spoken language consisted of strange clicks and buzzes. Thus, they turned to beings known as Joiners to act as translators and liaisons to other races. Because of their hive minds, members of the Kind had no understanding of private property, and considered everything to be owned by the Colony. Thus, any individual could simply take what they needed without worrying about ownership.
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