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this was the name adopted by Raynar Thul, after he became fully integrated into the Yoggoy hive of the Colony and established the Unu hive. As UnuThul, he was able to allow the Unu hive to touch the Force, an act that gave the Colony more desire to grow and live beyond their once humble existence. Under UnuThul's guidance, the Colony expanded their settlements in the Unknown Regions, and created trading relationships with many planets in the Outer Rim. The expansion of the Colony worried the beighboring Chiss, who feared that the Colony might take over some of their worlds. Although tradition demanded that the Chiss could not attack first, they used subtler techniques to force the Colony to retreat. Many of the Colony's settlements were badly damaged by teams of Chiss who spread defoliants and other chemicals to destroy crops, in an effort to starve the hives. UnuThul, seeing the possible loss of life for the Colony, sent out a call through the Force to his old friends from the Jedi praxeum. The call was answered by the members of the team that had attacked a Yuuzhan Vong worldship near Myrkr, including Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. The Jedi left their missions to join UnuThul, and began working to drive off the Chiss. However, when the time came to vigorously defend the Colony, UnuThul demanded that the Jedi leave the Colony, claiming that the Kind didn't want their friends to be harmed. Throughout the years, however, UnuThul was unaware that Welk and Lomi Plo had also survived The Crash, and had established the so-called Dark Nest. Even after Luke Skywalker was attacked on Yoggoy, and Saba Sebatyne was attacked by Welk on Jwlio, UnuThul refused to believe that the Dark Nest existed. Ultimately, he was forced to confront the presence of an evil hive of the Colony when Luke Skywalker defeated Welk on Kr and brought his body as evidence to UnuThul. It was then that Raynar Thul's memories flooded back into his mind. He remembered saving both Welk and Lomi Plo, and became agitated when Lomi Plo's body was not found. He initially claimed that the Dark Nest was part of a devious Chiss plot, but was forced to admit that, in a disassociated way, his actions in saving the Dark Jedi probably led to the birth of the Gorog. He was somewhat vindicated when it was learned that the Chiss mentality aided the Gorog in their ability to maintain secrecy, and he ordered that no more Chiss were to be accepted as Joiners. In order to ensure this order was followed, UnuThul agreed to Leia Organa Solo's plan to relocate the Qoribu nests to Woteba, a planet that was deeper in the Unknown Regions and well away from Chiss space. The relative peace that followed was short-lived, however, when UnuThul learned of the existence of the Fizz. He blamed the Jedi for the problems it caused, accusing them of knowing about the existence of the Fizz and tricking the Colony into relocating to worlds where they would be afflicted. His blind sense of truth forced UnuThul to begin authorizing expansion of the Colony beyond the Utegetu Nebula, which was met by a show of force from the Galactic Alliance. UnuThul also refused to believe that the Dark Nest had survived, despite the evidence of black membrosia and the continued existence of Lomi Plo. Meanwhile, he was unaware that the build-up of military supplies and starship parts was being sent to create nest ships that would transport Gorog-controlled hives out of the nebula and into the rest of the galaxy.
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