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this battered Tac-Spec Footman droid was a companion of Fidelis for many years, while Fidelis was on Coruscant to watch over Whie Malreaux, during the last years of the Old Republic. Like Fidelis, Solis had been built centuries before. The pair were often seen playing a game of courtier dejarik, although Solis was often the loser. Because Solis had been alone on Coruscant, it had never received the regular upgrades that Fidelis had. Solis made sure that, with the meager resources it could acquire, that it obtained only the most useful upgrades, and logic and gaming strategy were never a high priority. When Whie was added to Master Yoda's mission to Vjun, both Fidelis and Solis managed to book passage aboard the Reasonable Doubt, so that Fidelis could continue to watch over his young charge. It was during this time that Solis' true programming came to the fore, when the droid realized that Whie and his companions were traveling with none other than Jedi Master Yoda. Solis made up a story about being a purser droid to gain access to Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy - otherwise known as Scout - and draw her away from Whie and allow Fidelis to talk to his young charge. Unfortunately for the Jedi, Solis provided all the information he learned about their location and destination to Separatist forces led by Asajj Ventress, allowing her to pinpoint their locations and attempt to assassinate Yoda. However, after Ventress was unable to capture Yoda on Phindar, Solis found himself on the short end of the deal. Count Dooku had severely chastised Ventress for wasting credits, and she refused to pay Solis for his information. Solis himself set out for Vjun, to square away the situation. He managed to locate them by following the death-cry of Fidelis, after the droid had been forced to destroy itself in order to save Whie. Upon entering the Crying Room, Solis chose to allow Scout and Whie to live, hoping it would make for better odds in bringing Ventress down. Unfortunately, Ventress had recovered the neural-net eraser Fidelis had been forced to use, and she managed to hit Solis squarely in the back with a blast, rendering him a useless pile of scrap before he could get a good shot off. As Solis fell to the ground, it managed to fire a wild blast from its mini rail cannon, striking Ventress and giving the Padawans a chance to escape.
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