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Disciples of Ragnos

this militant cult of practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force came to the forefront some ten years after the Battle of Endor. The Disciples based their principles on the Sith teachings of Marka Ragnos, the Dark Lord of the Sith who had died some 5,000 years earlier. The first rumors of their existence were heard on Corellia and Tatooine, and their existence was confirmed when they managed to infiltrate a Jedi tomb on Chandrila and unleash a mutated rancor on Taanab. Led by Tavion, the Disciples traveled to specific planets across the galaxy, siphoning Force energy to augment the power of the device known as the Scepter of Ragnos. After stealing information from the computers at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, the Disciples stole energy from planets like Corellia, Hoth, and Tatooine before focusing their efforts on the planet Vjun, the former stronghold of Darth Vader. The cult was eventually eliminated by Jaden Korr, who managed to defeat Tavion on Korriban and relegate Ragnos back to the spirit world.
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