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Den Dhur

this male Sullustan was a reporter for the HoloNet News Service, and served as a war correspondent during the height of the Clone Wars. He was equally known for his hard-hitting expose's and his hard drinking, both of which were punctuated by a loyalty to the truth that never faltered. He was a veteran of many of the Clone Wars' most intense battlefronts, including the Battle of Jabiim. It was on Jabiim that Dhur first encountered Filba the Hutt, when the Hutt nearly got him killed while trying to curry favor with Alto Stratus. From that point forward, Den's opinion of Filba - and Hutts in general - grew steadily worse, until he was stationed on Drongar during the Jasserak Engagement. After reaching Rimsoo Seven, Den was surprised to find Filba serving as the military hospital's supply sergeant. With a little digging, Den discovered Filba's connections to Black Sun and Admiral Tarnese Bleyd, and began to piece together their plans to sell processed bota on the black market. He planned a sweeping report on their criminal activities, hoping to bring Filba down once and for all. He was dismayed when Filba was poisoned, since the chance to link the Hutt to Black Sun was all but gone. He was left with reporting on the atrocities being committed by Phow Ji, who had been named the Rimsoo Seven combat instructor. Unfortunately, his scathing article was rewritten by his editors to provide an exceptionally positive slant, painting Phow Ji as a hero working in the worst of conditions. Sick of the war and tired of his career, Den Dhur fell deeper into an alcohol-induced stupor, until the Rimsoo Seven facility was attacked by Separatist forces. He sobered up almost immediately, and set to work helping the Republic forces break down the medical unit for transport. As the last transport was leaving, Den Dhur made a run for it, but noticed that Zan Yant's quetarra had been dropped in the chaos. Without regard for his own life, Den Dhur retrieved the quetarra, remembering how beautiful sounded when Zan played it. His elation was multiplied when a thermal bomb went off along his original path to the transport, and he realized that rescuing the instrument probably saved his life. His happiness, however, was short-lived. Their transport ship was hit by a Separatist missile, and Zan was killed almost instantly. It was of little consolation to Den Dhur that Doctor Yant had died happily, knowing that his quetarra had been rescued. When the Rimsoo had relocated, Den threw himself into his work, hoping that additional reports from the battlefront would help him forget the horrors he had witnessed. He began to find solace when he met Eyar Ahtram, who was as attracted to Den as he was to her. He also developed what he considered a mild disease while working with the people of Rimsoo Seven: a conscience. When he discovered that the bota plant was mutating at such a rate that it would be worthless in a few generations, Den probably could have written a Porasca Prize-winning story on the impact of the mutation. However, he realized that any such story would provide the Separatists with a reason to utterly destroy the Republic's presence on Drongar, so he held off on writing it.
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