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Doolb Snoil

this Vippit, a native of the planet Nal Hutta, was one of the finest legal minds of the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. He came from a long line of noted neogotiators and barristers, and it was his grandfather who negotiated a series of tax-free benefits for the Vippits from the Old Republic itself. Originally educated and trained on Mrlsst, Snoil apprenticed with a major firm in the Gevarno Cluster before joining the ranks of the barristers from the Coruscant College of Law, which worked for the Old Republic. He developed a reputation for exhaustively researching his clients and their situations, and became one of the most reliable barristers of his generation. Snoil was among the handful of barristers who were able to mediate a decision on Rijel-12 some ten years before the onset of the Clone Wars, in the midst of extremely sensitive negotiations. Snoil might have died in the rioting that occurredon Rijel-12, if he hadn't been rescued by Obi-Wan Kenobi. After the mission to Rijel-12, the two became fast friends, although Snoil maintained that he must someday repay Obi-Wan for saving his life. Some two years after the Battle of Geonosis, they were again paired on a mission, this time to uncover the truth behind the JK-series droids being produced on Ord Cestus. It was nearing Snoil's Time to reproduce, but he was unable to return to Nal Hutta without first repaying Obi-Wan. It was through Snoil's diligent investigation that the Jedi discovered Cestus Cybernetics had actually purchased land on Cestus with synthstones, which were essentially worthless. Although this information proved valuable, the Jedi plan to fool the Five Families into siding with the Republic was smashed by Asajj Ventress. When the mission was scrubbed, Snoil and the clone trooper known as Xutoo were the only ones to actually leave Ord Cestus. Unfortunately, their ship was sabotaged. Xutoo kept it flying long enough for Snoil to jettison in an escape pod before the ship exploded. Snoil was rescued by Obi-Wan and the soldiers of Desert Wind, but the terrorists soon discovered that their secret location had been discovered. A group of plastidroids and JK-series combat droids infilitrated their base, and attacked with a vengeance. Snoil took up arms against the droid attackers, bracing a portable cannon on his shell and firing at anything near him. Unfortunately, during one of the blasts from the cannon, a stalactite was cracked from its base and fell to the ground, piercing Snoil's shell. Snoil died in Obi-Wan's arms, after making the Jedi promise to forward any combat bonuses to his family - tax-free, of course.
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