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Hall of Heroes

this underground hall was carved by the X'Ting race beneath the surface of their homeworld of Ord Cestus, in honor of those ancient X'Ting who had contributed the most to their history. The most noted invidivuals represented in the Hall of Heroes were the warriors who had helped the X'Ting defeat the Spider People, as well as noted leaders of their race. Each individual was depicted as a huge statue, many times larger than life. It was the Hall of Heroes which served as the primary entrance to the labyrinth of security systems that protected the royal eggs of the X'Ting during the last decades of the Old Republic. Any X'Ting who wished to locate the eggs had to find the correct entry point into the Hall. After the Great Plague, one group of X'Ting chose to establish their own hive in the Hall of Heroes, keeping to the old ways and ensuring that the pathway to the royal eggs was well-guarded. However, these X'Ting were exterminated when they wakened the carnivrous worms that served as the second security measure. The worms destroyed the X'Ting hive, thereby eliminating the last traces of information about the remaining security systems. During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his X'Ting guide, Jesson Di Blinth, learned that the correct entrance went through the largest of the statues, although both were startled to learn that the statue did not depict an X'Ting individual. Obi-Wan had heard from G'Mai Duris that a Jedi Knight had visited the X'Ting some 150 years earlier, a story that Jesson refused to believe. However, the statue turned out to be a huge representation of Jedi Master Yoda, the largest of all the statues found in the Hall of Heroes.
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