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Seismic Tank

this immense, fifty-five-meter-tall repulsorlift vehicle was developed by Hoar Chall Engineered for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the height of the Clone Wars. In order to avoid legal entanglements, Hoar Chall developed the tank under the guise of a mining vehicle that could penetrate a planet's crust and expose ores that were otherwise unreachable. First deployed into the field on Dantooine, the seismic tank used a huge battering ram as its primary weapon. When the tank's droid operators brought it onto the battlefield, they centered the tank on an enemy's location. Then, hovering some thirty meters over the target, the tank ejected a huge, cylindrical ram from its underbody, driving the ram into the ground. The ram itself was formed from a heavy metal core, and was guided by frictionless, magnetic impellors, giving it a huge amount of inertia. The resulting quake was similar to the effects of a bomb, but without the fallout potential. The magnetic impellors also prevented any backlash from the impact from reaching the main vehicle. From the point of impact, the ground rippled outward, tossing objects and beings aside or burying them in dirt and debris.
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