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Sewell, Roons

this man served the Alliance as a General in the armed forces, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Sewell grew up on the streets of a backwater world, fighting his way to freedom while maintaining his humanity. He was nearly killed in a street fight, left for dead and bleeding from external as well as internal injuries. After being rescued by a sanitation crew, Roons plotted to avenge his injuries by luring his tormentors in a spike-filled trap. He felt to qualms about killing the street gang in cold blood, because they would have done the same to him eventually. However, he found himself crying in shame for what he had done. Roons fell in love with an actress named Masla while performing with a theater troupe, but their relationship was short-lived. When Imperial agents tried to shut down the troupe on the grounds of seditious performances, Roons lashed out and tried to throw a chair at the commander. The stormtroopers accompanying him began to fire, and Masla was shot and killed. Roons himself barely escaped, then set out to exact his revenge on the Empire. He fpund a rebel cell, and managed to infiltrate the ranks of the Empire by stealing the uniform of Masla's father and impersonating an officer. After killing an entire squadron of stormtroopers and stealing several Imperial shuttles, Roons and his rebels found the Alliance during the early days of the Galactic Civil War. Roons was the leader of the team which extracted Jan Dodonna and his wife from Imperial service, but found that Dodonna had a greater knowledge of war than he did. When Mon Mothma ordered Dodonna to begin his service to the Alliance by serving under General Sewell, both men found an opportunity to grow, despite the fact that they were polar opposites. Sewell wanted to act, while Dodonna worried about logistics. Together they established the Massassi Base on Yavin 4, with Dodonna focusing on tactics and Sewell on combat. Then, during a raid on an Imperial supply depot, their transport was pursued by Imperial fighters. Roons took a Y-Wing and set out to draw the Imperials way from the transport. Roons was shot down and killed, but Dodonna and the transport returned to Yavin 4 unharmed. Dodonna's eulogy of Roons Sewell went down as one of the most stirring speeches of the fledgling Alliance.
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