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this Wookiee left his homeworld of Kashyyyk many years before the onset of the Great Sith War, and settled on the planet Taris. His reasons for leaving Kashyyyk were a closely-guarded secret, since the memories of his old life were quite painful to recall. The truth was that it had been Zaalbar's own brother, Chuundar, who had sold his people into enslavement by allowing Czerka Corporation to infiltrate Kashyyyk and install huge manufacturing facilities. After learning of Chuundar's part in Czerka's actions, and after hearing Chuundar denounce their own father Freyyr as a senile old fool, Zaalbar became enraged at attacked his brother. While the fight might have ended honorably, Zaalbar's anger led him to bear his climbing claws in combat, an action which was forbidden by Wookie law. Zaalbar was branded a "madclaw" and forced into exile. He ended up on Taris, after travelling through several star systems looking for work. While many beings simply regarded him as an unintelligent brute who was good for nothing more than a gang enforcer, Zaalbar worked hard to eke out a legitimate living on the planet. Quite by accident, he met up with Mission Vao in the Lower City, and the pair forged a quick and lasting relationship. Mission Vao's knack for locating food and shelter, Zaalbar's intimidating form usually kept them well-protected. When Zaalbar - who Mission Vao always called "Big Z" - was captured by a group of Gamorrean thugs, Mission found herself turning to a group of Old Republic heroes to rescue him. Among her newfound friends were Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi, and the group quickly became good friends after Zaalbar's escape. Mission and Zaalbar played key roles in the search for Darth Malak, helping to repay the debt for Zaalbar's release. Zaalbar eventually returned to Kashyyyk, and helped his fellow Wookiees throw off the yoke of slavery by defeating Chuundar and breaking Czerka's hold on the planet.
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