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this unusual creature was one of just a handful of lifeforms which managed to survive the ecological devastation of the planet Clak'Dor VII. Bith scientists discovered that the urgonox was actually descended from a mutated urgrinox; a large portion of the "junk DNA" contained the cells of the urgrinox combined sympathetically with the genetic weapons unleashed by the ancient Bith, resulting the evolution of the urgonox. The pink-furred urgonox moved about on six legs, but its flexible spine allowed it to rear up on its four rear legs. The front two legs ended with thick claws, which the urgonox could use for fighting or digging. The head of the urgonox was dominated by its two large, blue eyes, which had eyelids that closed from front to back. The elongated snout of the urgonox gave the head a shovel-like appearance; the horny beak at the tip of the snout was used for digging up plants or manipulating carrion. The urgonox had no natural predators on Clak'Dor VII, but was not a predator itself. They were opportunistic, omnivorous scavengers, feeding on anything they encoutnered that did not move. It was rumored that the digestive enzymes of the urgonox were capable of rendering radioactive materials inert, although very little scientific evidence existed to prove this.
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