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Agen Kolar

this Zabrak Jedi Knight was one of the handful of Jedi who survived the initial stages of the Battle of Geonosis. Agen Kolar was part of the small group who were surrounded by the droid armies of Count Dooku and his Separatists, just before the Army of the Republic arrived on Geonosis. Unfortunately for Kolar, his apprentice Tan Yuster died at Geonosis. Shortly afterward, Kolar was dispatched as part of the forces which attempted to liberate the planet Brentaal from Separatist control. The mission was based on intelligence which had been leaked to the Republic by the Separatists, in the hope of ambushing the Jedi and their clone trooper forces. The Separatists were, therefore, ready for the Jedi, and Agen Kolar's assault force was quickly captured. Kolar tried to inhibit Shogar Tok and his forces by claiming that Shaak Ti was dead. Despite the assistance provided by Quinlan Vos on Brentaal, when the Jedi Council ordered Agen Kolar to bring him in for questioning, the Zabrak didn't hesitate. He tracked Quinlan, who was operating under the alias of Korto Vos, to Nar Shaddaa, and tried to capture him. Quinlan's underworld acquaintences, especially Khaleen, allowed him to escape, and Agen Kolar had to return to Coruscant empty-handed. This was actually what the Jedi Council had in mind, however, because they had been working for months to infiltrate Quinlan's Korto Vos alias into the Separatist network. They chose Agen Kolar to bring him in because they knew he would never actually kill Quinlan, despite any crimes he had been accused of. As the Clone Wars ground on, Agen Kolar was one of the many Jedi who were promoted to Jedi Master, and he was also appointed a position on the Jedi Council. As the Clone Wars began to wind down after the First Battle of Coruscant, Agen Kolar was among the group of Jedi Masters who accompanied Mace Windu to arrest Chancellor Palpatine, after it was learned that he had finally been revealed as Darth Sidious. However, the Jedi were unprepared for Palpatine's powers, and Agen Kolar was quickly killed during the fighting, leaving Mace Windu to face Palpatine alone.
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