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this badly deformed Yuuzhan Vong was, at one time, a Shaper of some skill. However, the implants given to his upon escalation were rejected by his body, and Onimi was relegated to the ranks of the Shamed Ones. For unknown reasons, Supreme Overlord Shimrra chose Onimi to serve as his personal jester and familiar. Onimi had the normal appearance of a Yuuzhan Vong, but with severe deformities. One eye lolled on his face, lower than the other, and his entire skull seemed to be oddly distended. His thin limbs twitched constantly, giving Onimi an excited, nervous demeanor. His lopsided mouth was filled with a single, long fang. He constantly spoke in rhymes and riddles, dispensing wisdom that was shrouded in dark humor. Onimi posed as the Master Shaper Kae Kwaad in order to investigate Nen Yim and bring her before Shimrra, shortly after the Battle of Duro. When the battle against the New Republic began to turn against the Yuuzhan Vong, Shimrra demanded that Nen Yim fill the so-called eighth cortex with knowledge of the lifeforms in the galaxy. He used Onimi as his liaison to the Shapers, in an effort to avoid a direct linkage to their work. Onimi, however, seemed to have his own agenda, and always seemed to be able to read the mind of Nom Anor. After the living planet Zonama Sekot suddenly reappeared near Coruscant, Onimi suddenly became quiet, often refusing to recite his ascerbic poetry, and cowered behind Shimrra's growing power. When the Jedi Knights, led by Luke Skywalker, managed to infiltrate the Citadel and reach the Moonbeam Throne, Onimi remained by Shimrra's side until the World Brain began to work with Jacen Solo to disrupt the battle. Onimi leapt from his seat on on the throne and fled upward into the Citadel. Jaina Solo gave chase, but Onimi was able to double back and capture her, drugging her with poison that he exuded from his fang and dragging her into the command chamber of the Citadel's escape craft. It was during this time that Onimi revealed that he believed Jaina was actually Yun-Harla, and that he believed himself to have been the first individual to realize the eighth cortex was an empty lie. He continued to rail at Jaina, explaining that he had grafted yammosk cells to his own neural pathways to try and enhance himself and save the Yuuzhan Vong. Instead, Onimi screamed, Yun-Harla had Shamed him while giving him the ability to manipulate others through the cells inside his body. This allowed Onimi to gain a measure of control over Shimrra, coercing him to usurp the power of Quoreal and begin the invasion of the New Republic. He then admitted that he - of all the Yuuzhan Vong - could see her through the Force, along with the rest of the Jedi Knights, then told Jaina of his plans to kill the Jedi and assume control of the galaxy for himself. Then, Onimi started to launch the escape craft, using his own genetic codes to fire its engines. As Jacen finally reached the escape craft and gained access to the command deck, he realized the truth about Onimi. It was his Shaping that had allowed him to see through the Force, restoring the ability that had been stripped from the Yuuzhan Vong eons ago. By this time, Onimi had come to consider himself the Supreme Overlord, if not by Shimrra's death then by his own belief in the power he held. Onimi tried to hold off Jacen by flinging all manner of things at him, but Jacen had tapped into the Unifying Force in a way that was deeper than before. Onimi attacked as a Shaper, using his enhanced abilities to turn every bodily fluid he possessed into poisons or hallucinogens which could be injected with his fang or simply applied to Jacen's skin. Jacen used his own connection to the Force to neutralize them all, rendering them nothing more than sweat and tears. As Jacen became more and more a living conduit for the Force, he was able to attack Onimi on the level of purest energy. Onimi, unable to let go of the hatred and greed he had lived with for so long, was rendered into nothingness by Jacen's actions. As his body reformed itself into an Unshamed form, Onimi collapsed into death.
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