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Zan Arbor, Jenna

a native of the planet Ventrux, this noted transgenic scientist earned fame early in her career by creating a vaccine to a space virus which threatened an entire planet. She then devoted her career to helping low-technology planets like Melasaton overcome their difficulties. Jenna was also a good friend of the Belascan Senator, Uta S'orn. About twelve years before the Battle of Naboo, she reserved Didi Oddo's café for a dinner party on an anonymous tip from Fligh. However, she didn't like the atmosphere and claimed the food was too cold, and swept out of the café with her entourage. It was during this party that the Sorrusian bounty hunter, Ona Nobis, who had been tracking Didi, sneaked into the café and laid a trap for the Oddos. Meanwhile, Jenna took the opportunity to capture Qui-Gon Jinn and transport him to Simpla-12, where she had been conducting experiments into the nature of the Force. Jenna revealed that many of her magnanimous actions in saving dying worlds were engineered by her own hand, as a way to earn the credits necessary to fund her private experiments. On worlds such as Belasco and Mindemir, she had purposely poisoned the water supply with bacteria she herself had engineered, then played the part of savior when she suddenly "discovered" the antidote. The unsuspecting planetary governments paid large sums of credits to have the bacteria neutralized. Many of the actions on these planets were ratified by the Old Republic Senate, although it was later revealed that Senator S'orn had falsified the voting in order to ensure Arbor Industries was given the chance to "solve" the problems. Zan Arbor claimed that her experiments were simply helping evolution along, culling the weak and allowing the strong to survive. She had begun her experiements into the nature of the Force on Ren S'orn, but found that a Jedi Master would be a better subject. She kept Qui-Gon in a specialized chamber, connected to several implants which could detect his connection to the Force. She knew that the Force was attuned to the body's chemical makeup, and traced its basis to the blood, but couldn't determine the exact connection. Her plans began to fall apart after she captured Qui-Gon, when the Jedi began to try and capture her. She fled Simpla-12 for Belasco, hoping to take another favor from Uta S'orn and draw out the Jedi. Despite her subterfuge and guile, Zan Arbor was captured by Qui-Gon and later exiled on a penal colony for her actions. However, she managed to make her way offworld and arrived on Vanqor several years before the Battle of Geonosis, where she began working on the drug known as the Zone of Self-Containment. She was forced to flee Vanqor when her lab was discovered by Obi-Wan and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, so Zan Arbor set up a base on Romin. On Romin, Obi-Wan discovered that she had established a relationship with Granta Omega, who agreed to fund her latest project. However, she was forced to go into hiding when Roy Teda was overthrown. This nearly turned out to be a profitable experience when the disguises of Obi-Wan and Anakin were exposed by the real Slam and his gang. It was then that Mace Windu and a group of Jedi reinforcements arrived on Romin and quickly took them prisoner. However, Zan Arbor had actually been working with Joylin the entire time, and through his deceit she was able to flee Romin with the real Slams, but not before the Jedi attached a tracking device to their ship. She and her cohorts traveled to Falleen, and hid in the Blackwater Systems facility to work on delivery mechanisms for the Zone. The Jedi discovered the facility, forcing Jenna and Roy Teda to destroy it and flee to Coruscant. She then accompanied Granta Omega to Korriban, where they planned to meet their Sith benefactor and finally gain true power. The barren, desolate environment of Korriban was tough for her to handle, as she had become used to the trappings of wealth. When the pair was finally caught by the Jedi Knights, she found herself separated from Omega. After he was killed while trying to destroy Obi-Wan, Jenna fled once again, and was not seen again. Note that Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard names this character as Janna Zan Arbor.
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