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Wampa Ice Creature

the legendary white-furred snow monster of Hoth, the wampa was a four-meter-tall beast with huge paws, long claws, and curled horns atop its head. It had beady, yellow eyes, and was at the top of Hoth's food chain, hunting the native tauntauns for food. The white fur of the wampa allowed it to move across the snow-covered plains in near-perfect camouflage. Wampas were known to prefer live prey, and often locked their still-living catch in ice until they were hungry. Using its hot breath and saliva, the wampa imbedded its prey in the ceiling of its lair, thereby rendering it helpless to try and escape. The wampa was a solitary creature, inhabiting the natural ice caves that were found under the planet's icy crust. Each wampa roamed a wide and exclusive range, and defended it fiercely. The wampa was known to mournfully cry out at night, filling the snow plains with a plaintive song that was used either to attract a mate or arrange plans with their brethen. Because of their size, strength, and fierce reputation, the wampa was sought out by big-game hunters and thrill-seekers. Many times, though, it was the wampa that survived the hunt. Those hunters that managed to kill a wampa were rewarded with beautiful fur pelts and rare horns and claws. Due to the limited nature of Hoth's ecosystem, killing wampas had been outlawed during the last years of the Old Republic.
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