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this Yuuzhan Vong warship, a greater version of the Vua'spar interdictor, was the flagship of Warmaster Tsavong Lah. Like most of the Yuuzhan Vong forces, the Sunulok had been en route to the galaxy for many years, and certain parts of the ship had begun to die off. Nevertheless, the ship still maintained all its weapons and shielding systems, and served well as the Warmaster's vessel. Primary among the ship's operative systems was the collection of dovin basals it used as a gravity well projector and tractor beam. These dovin basals were used to drag New Republic starships out of hyperspace for boarding. Shortly after the Battle of Duro, the Sunulok found itself under attack from Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Solo had been running a series of privateer missions for Luke Skywalker's Great River, and ambushed the Sunulok. In a bold maneuver, Han released a cargo of liquid hydrogen in the vicinity of the Sunulok and began firing into it. The hydrogen didn't burn, lacking oxygen in the vacuum of space. However, when exited by the blaster bolts and drawn into the gravity wells of the dovin basals, the hydrogen became quickly compressed. This caused each blasted glob of hydrogen to become a miniature fusion reactor, dumping incredible amounts of energy into the Sunulok's systems. This overloaded the ship, shutting down the organic tractor beam and allowed Han to escape. The Yuuzhan Vong were able to regroup, and eventually the Warmaster launched Battle Plan Coruscant. In the first wave of ships to attack the planet, the Sunulok led an assault from a position hidden in the OboRin Comet Cluster. However, the initial response from the New Republic forces was formidable, and the Sunulok was disabled early in the battle. The ship was badly damaged as the Republic's forces struggled to capture the yammosk hidden inside, and their efforts were ultimately successful. The Warmaster and his crew were forced to abandon the Sunulok and leave it for dead.
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