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Sunrider, Nomi

the wife of Andur Sunrider, Nomi accompanied her husband on a mission to deliver Adegan crystals from Master Chamma to Master Thon. When they were waylayed in the Stenness System and Andur was killed, Nomi suddenly realized that she was as strong with the Force as her husband was, if not stronger. She quickly dispatched the thugs that killed Andur, using his lightsaber to cut them down. She feared the use of the weapon, and later continued her dead husband's trek through the Stenness System to deliver the Adegan crystals to Ambria. There, she herself picked up the Jedi training that was meant for her husband. She trained under Master Thon, who discovered that Nomi was proficient in the use of Jedi battle meditation. Thon also started training Nomi's daughter, Vima. When Bogga the Hutt pursued Nomi and her Adegan crystals to Ambria, Nomi again resisted the use of the lightsaber, but took it up to defend her Jedi Master. She dispatched Bogga's minions, and strode further down the path to becoming a Jedi. It is later revealed by Thon that Nomi's coming is foretold in at least one of the Jedi Prophecies. She was later assigned to assist Ulic Qel-Droma in quelling the civil war in Onderon system, and eventually fell in love with Ulic. That love was short-lived, though, for Ulic fell down the path to the Dark Side of the Force in his attempt to penetrate the Krath. They tried to defeat the Krath in the Empress Teta System, but were repelled. She was part of the Great Council on Deneba, and later returned to the Tetan System to try and persuade Ulic from his dark quest. Her love for him proved to be lesser than his desire to avenge Arca's death, and he left to become Exar Kun's apprentice. She returned to Master Thon, and was caught by Crado and Oss Willum, who had come to kill Thon as part of Exar Kun's pogrom. She and Sylvar were able to stave off the attack, but Nomi was drawn deeper into the Great Sith War. When Ulic Qel-Droma wsa captured and brought to trial on Coruscant, Nomi went with Cay Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta to try and appeal to Ulic. His Sith possession was too deep for Nommi's love, and the appearance of Exar Kun only strengthened Ulic's powers. Nomi and the other Jedi were powerless as Kun executed Vodo-Siosk Baas, and struggled to follow Ulic and Kun to the Auril Systems. Nomi went to Ossus to assist with the evacuation of the Jedi libraries after Aleema destroyed the Cron System, and was again caught up in Ulic's demise. After Ulic murdered his brother, Cay, Nomi was so enraged that she used the Force in an attempt to cut Ulic off from the Force. Her anger made the attempt extremely effective, and Ulic was completely cut off from the energy of the Force. She resolved herself to the fact that Ulic would never love her again. In the aftermath of the Great Sith War, Nomi threw herself into politics and was the driving force behind the Exis Convocation, but lost tracked of her daughter Vima, who stowed away on Hoggon's ship to seek out Ulic on Rhen Var. Joined by Sylvar, Nomi traveled to Rhen Var to recover her daughter. She discovered that Ulic had never forgotten her, and had in fact carved the likenesses of Nomi and Andur into a cliff of ice with Vima's help. However, she was unprepared for Sylvar's arrival on Rhen Var, and even less prepared for Hoggon's killing of Ulic. After Ulic's body disappeared into the Force, Nomi vowed to focus more on the training of her daughter. Although the Jedi histories don't provide any further information on Nomi Sunrider, it is known that her daughter Vima continued the line of Sunrider Jedi Knights, and her line was thought to be ended with the death of Vima-da-Boda.
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