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Spince, Mako

the son of an Old Republic Senator, Mako never wanted to rush things. He led an aimless life that nearly got on track after the Clone Wars. He knew that he had the talent to make it in the Academy, but he put off applying until he had had enough fun on Corellia. He met Han Solo at the Academy (despite the fact that Solo was ten years younger), and the two became known as pranksters. Mako once tried to blast the seal of the Academy off its mascot moon, but only succeeded in destroying the entire planetoid. He was expelled immediately, and his family cut him off from any inheritance. He used his contacts from the Academy to set himself up as a smuggler, and encountered Solo again after Solo's expulsion from the Academy. They worked for awhile out of Nar Shaddaa, until Han decided to seek his fortune in the galaxy. Mako, meanwhile, had been plying the smuggling lanes of the Ottega System. He wound up on the wrong side of a battle with the Na-Quoit bandits, and was permanently crippled in the battle. He returned to Nar Shaddaa, where he took on work as a traffic controller. When Solo returned, Mako tried to make a quick credit and turned Solo in to Boba Fett, but Solo escaped. When Zasm Katth and Baddon Fass arrived at the spaceport looking for the Millennium Falcon, Spince was forced to work for them. He later spotted the Falcon trying to escape the spaceport and alerted the crew of the Star Destroyer Invincible to their presence. Han did not appreciate the way Spince turned on him, and tried to evade the Invincible's tractor beam by hiding behind the spaceport control tower. The Star Destroyer's tractor beam locked onto the tower, instead of Han's ship, and ripped it from the spaceport. Mako Spince was killed when the disabled Star Destroyed crashed into the surface of Nar Shaddaa and exploded.
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