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this Lutrillian was a veteran of the Old Republic military who retired from active duty following the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Solomahal earned the rank of General, and was assigned as the commander of the Republic's secret base on Azure. He was credited with liberating the Wode from enslavement, as well as destroying the 2nd Regiment of the Sun Guard. He was also considered something of a hero for his part in the Battle of Azure Spaceport, after he destroyed Talesan Fry's codebreaker before it could fall into the hands of the Separatists. Although he was captured during the fighting, Solomahal escaped just a few days later and was given a new command. After the war, he continued to work as a scout, working in the Outer Rim Territories to avoid Imperial notice. Solomahal operated a YV-888 known as the QuadStar, and took on work whenever he could. However, as the galaxy plunged into the Galactic Civil War, Solomahal's reputation diminished greatly, and he was forced to move around the Greater Javin area in search of work. Among the jobs he took on was the transport of the Nothoiin refugee Covah to a remote location in the Greater Javin region of the galaxy. What many beings of the day didn't know - or didn't remember - was that Solomahal was actually a hero of the Clone Wars. After a while, Solomahal ended up on Tatooine, where he met up with the Brizzit known as Tzizvvt. Although Solomahal doubted Tzizvvt's claim to have been a professor of xenoarchaeology, he quickly recognized that the Brizzit had a knack for locating treasure. Solomahal agreed to fund a mission to locate the mysterious Eye of the Beyonder, in exchange for accompanying Tzizvvt on the mission. Just before the Battle of Yavin, the two set off to locate the relic and seek out the rumored treasure it pointed to.
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