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Shell Hutt

one of the most unusual factions of Hutts, the Shell Hutts resemble their brethren in every physical aspect. They are huge, sluglike creatures with tough skin and internal organs protected by dense layers of blubber. However, the Shell Hutts chose to protect themselves from external radiation - which about the only thing that will naturally kill a Hutt - by enclosing themselves in riveted metal shells. They broke away from the rest of the Hutt clans, which had failed to genetically alter themselves to protect against radiation, several millennia before the Battle of Yavin, choosing to encase themselves and perpetual their lines. The shells must be continually shed as the Shell Hutt grows, and the donning of a new shell is often a cause for celebration. Everything but the Shell Hutt's face is contained within the shell. Even their hands are hidden inside, manipulating the controls which maintained the shell's repulsor engines and directional thrusters. The Shell Hutts took control of the planet Circumtore and used it as their base of operations. They were quite paranoid about security aroundf Circumtore, and often sent delegates to meet with potential clients or enemies in orbit. These delegates had their shells stuffed with explosives, which could be triggered from within in the event of an emergency. The resulting explosion would kill the Shell Hutt and the enemy force, eliminating any threat to the continued security of their planet.
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