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Shadow Academy

this huge, cloaked space station, found in the Core Systems, was a training center for Dark Jedi set up by Brakiss following his departure from Yavin 4. He consolidated Imperial money and discovered exiled Nightsisters to help create the station. Brakiss, at the direction of the Imperial leaders of the time, set a number of self-destruction devices on the station, for use in the event that the students of the Dark Side revolted against their instructors. These devices could also be used to destroy the station, should it come into the hands of the New Republic. Brakiss used the station's cloaking ability to maneuver it into position near Coruscant, in an effort to steal much-needed supplies from Republic transports. Raids were launched from the cloaked station, using the modified assault shuttle employed in the attack on GemDiver Station. The transport ship Moon Dash was a victim of a collision with the cloaked station. The station continued to grow, though, under the watchful eyes of Brakiss and Tamith Kai. When the reborn Emperor Palpatine arrived on the station, Brakiss was honored. They began planning to attack the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, but Brakiss began to doubt the Emperor's motives when he continually snuffed the young Imperial. At the end of the attack, Brakiss went to confront Palpatine, only to find that the Emperor was really a clever ruse perpetrated by four former Imperial Royal Guards. Brakiss killed all but one of them, who managed to set off the Shadow Academy's self-destruct systems. He escaped before the station exploded, killing Brakiss.
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