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this was one of two Yuuzhan Vong creatures, along with Tu-Scart, dispatched to Duro to destroy the refugee settlements established by the New Republic. Known as a male Beater, Sgauru resembled a segmented, hard-shelled creature with a white head that was dotted with black eyes. Around the creature's mouth were dozens of fleshy tendrils that drew bits of debris into its mouth. It was Sgauru that destroyed the buildings and warehouses on many worlds of the New Republic, with Tu-Scart following behind to consume the rubble. After years of conquest, the Yuuzhan Vong brought Sgauru and Tu-Scart to Coruscant, following the planet's reformation into a new version of Yuuzhan'tar. On Coruscant, the pair was put to work in destroying as much of the duracrete and transparisteel as they could, thereby helping the World Brain to complete its worldshaping activities. Some five years after the invasion began, Sgauru and Tu-Scart were ordered to play a more offensive role, when they were dispatched by Supreme Overlord Shimrra to attack the Galactic Alliance infiltration force that landed on Coruscant. Note that the Wizards of the Coast website claims that Sgauru is the Biter. Also note that The Unifying Force indicates that Sgauru was female.
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