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this woman was the Queen of the Icarii at the time when Imperial Commander Karda went rogue. Karda had been ordered to destroy the Icarri by his commanding officer, General Nim, and managed to poison the entire Icarii tribe and kill them. Karda then took Selestrine captive, hoping to gain riches and power through her ability to predict the future. Selestrine, already dismayed by the death of her tribe, tried to commit suicide by taking the same poison Karda had used on them. He discovered her plan before it could be complete, and beheaded her before the poison could destroy her head. A group of medics then encased her head in a life-sustaining casket covered with kneeb hide, and she predicted that General Nim would be killed in action. Her prophecy came true when Nim arrived to claim her head from Karda, and he killed Nim and his guards. Karda fled the Empire as a fugitive. It was during this time the Selestrine foresaw her own fate was held by a dark-shadowed man, but she saw nothing more than that. He made several stops and used several different ships in order to evade pursuit, but Selestrine began telling him of his own future. She predicted that Karda would hunted down and killed by Boba Fett exactly thirty-one days from the day he destroyed the Icarii, and she counted them down on a regular basis. This slowly drove Karda mad over the thirty-one days, during which time he had hidden among the brothers of the Ancient Order of the Pessimists on Maryx Minor. In the end, Selestrine's prophecy was proven correct, as Fett captured and killed Karda on Maryx Minor before taking posession of her disembodied head. However, Darth Vader himself was on Maryx Minor, hoping to take possession of her head. Selestrine realized that Vader was the dark man of her own future. She warned him of Vader's approach, and began taunting him as well. Fett took several strands of her bejeweled hair as a hedge against the future, and set out to defeat Vader. During the struggle between the two armor-clad opponents, Fett managed to retain possession of the small casket, until Vader cornered him at the lip of a lava pit. In an effort to throw off Vader's attacks, Fett kicked the casket into the pit. Selestrine believed she was finally dead, until Vader used the Dark Side of the Force to recover the casket before it could hit the lava. She then taunted Vader with visions of his own future, hoping that Vader would pay for the knowledge of his future by killing her. In this she was also proven correct, as Vader destroyed her head shortly before Emperor Palpatine ordered it delivered to him personally.
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