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Sekotan Starship

this was the generic term used to describe the incredibly fast starships which were produced on the planet Zonama Sekot, during the last decades of the Old Republic. These ships were organic in nature, and were rumored to be capable of making 0.4 past lightspeed. It was later revealed that these ships were "grown" to a specific master from unique seed-partners which grew around standard starship mechanical parts. The resulting starship was emotionally attached to its master, who controlled the ship by initiating physical contact with it. The development process of these ships was quite intense, and the new master had to be emotionally and mentally ready to accept the burden of ownership. Otherwise, the seed-partners would reject the master. The ships were formed by and extension of Sekot, with the help of immense tree-factories known as Jentari. While not intelligent, Sekotan starships were no doubt alive, and could not survive without the physical and emotional contact of their masters. In order to obtain a ship, a prospective buyer had to locate an agent of Zonama Sekot, who would then arrange for transport to the planet. The planet's exact location was a well-guarded secret, and after the creation process was completed, the buyer had their short-term memory wiped clean to remove any trace of information on the planet or the creation process. After the disappearance of the planet Zonama Sekot some three years after the Battle of Naboo, all Sekotan starships suddenly withered and died, and no others were ever seen in the known galaxy again. This indicated that the living ships also needed a tenuous contact with Sekot itself in order to survive. The development of these starships followed the pattern of the lifecycle of a boras tree, with the seed-partners being forged into seed-disks, then annealed into starship form.
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